How To Pull Off Cyndi Lauper Fashion

Cyndi Lauper said in an interview in the mid-eighties, "On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colors"; this philosophy is the key to pulling off a Cyndi Lauper look.  You want to reach for your ultimate self-expression and sense of fun when it comes to fashion. Here's how to do it:

Step One: Be fearless. In a world full of neutral makeup and women trying to make themselves appear as small as possible, Cyndi was never afraid to wear bright red lipstick and a hoop skirt. She is a small woman who has never been afraid of allowing her clothes to help her stand out.

Step Two: Treat your hair like a mood ring. To pull off a Cyndi Lauper look you have to treat your hair like a neon sign to the world, not just like some lank monochromatic strands hanging off your head. If you're happy, try fuchsia. If you're sad, show us that with some blue streaks. When you're ready to set the world on fire, you should dye it orange. Platinum hair should be the true north to which you always return. Should you ever feel daring, shave off part of your hair.  Again, the key to pulling off the Cyndi Lauper look is fearlessness.

Step Three: Go into a thrift store and see what clothing draws your eye. Ask yourself if you've ever seen anyone else wearing it. If the answer is "yes", put it back. Pick up something that makes you giddy and wear it any way you like. Dresses with pants, boots with shorts, hats with everything, anything and everything you like worn four or five pieces at a time - these are all options for putting your look together. Collect old clothes from friends and family and try to mix new pieces with handmade jewelry. Every day should feel like you're five years old again, and you're putting on whatever makes you feel happy and pretty.

Step Four: Have a sense of humor! People are going to stare at you in this Old Navy and Gap cookie cutter world. The point of a Cyndi Lauper look is to have tons of fun, and you should let the whole know what a thrill it is. Smile, laugh, and twirl your skirts. Offer to let a woman in a dull gray suit borrow the bangles you're wearing.

Look at more than twenty-five years of photographs and album covers and you'll see that all you have to do to pull off a Cyndi Lauper look is be your amazing self, and everyone else will appreciate your unique style.


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