How To Rent a Tuxedo

Are you searching for that perfect tuxedo for prom, a formal dinner date, or a corporate business affair? Finding the best tuxedo can be a challenge for some but with these simple steps, it can be a breeze.

  1. First, research the tuxedo rental stores in your area. Stores offering various locations are best if you are trying to fit wedding party attendants since they may not always live near you. Also, be sure that the stores offer fitting alterations to allow for the perfect fit. A store that also offers bridal and other formal wear for women is also nice to help you coordinate your choice of colors with those of your date, if necessary.
  2. Six to eight weeks before the scheduled event, you will need to arrange an appointment at the store to have your measurements taken to ensure proper fit of your tuxedo. Measurements will generally be taken of your chest, waist, hips, neck, sleeve length, and inseam (from floor to crotch). Store associates will then use these measurements to fit your tuxedo to you personally.
  3. Choosing the right style of tuxedo for your specific event can sometimes be confusing as well. For a lean and somewhat shorter man, choosing a style with a single button set lower and tails can elongate stature. For a taller, heavy set gentleman, a single breasted choice is best. If you happen to be tall and lean, consider yourself one of the lucky few that can wear just about any style of tuxedo and still look outstanding. If you are more muscular, be sure to choose a style that will not be too bulky.
  4. Most stores will require that you leave a small deposit to reserve your tuxedo once measurements have been done and the style chosen. Be sure to pick out any other accessories that you may need such as cummerbund, cuff links, shirt, and shoes. In most cases, these are available for rental as well.
  5. About a week before the scheduled event, you will need to return to the store for your final fitting. You will try on the tuxedo as well as any other accessories you have chosen. The store associate will check to ensure a perfect fit. If adjustments are necessary, this still allows for time to have this done.
  6. The store associate will then go over instructions such as how to secure the cummerbund, cuff links, and everything else and give you return instructions and dates.


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