How To Replace a Leather Hand Bag Handle

A leather hand bag is an investment. Ask any woman and she will definitely agree. The perfect hand bag completes one's attire. It can make or break an outfit. Why go for something leather when any hand bag will do? Of course, leather is a very durable material. A leather hand bag can last for years. For that reason, leather bags are sold at a very high price. Much more so if the leather hand bag is made by a popular brand. In fact, branded leather hand bag prices can go for as much as expensive jewelry.

Using a leather hand bag is the best part of all. The worst part is when a part of the precious leather hand bag is torn. Since they cost a fortune, repairing parts such as the bag handle can become expensive, too. Whatever happens, do not attempt to replace the handle of your branded leather hand bag, to spare yourself from depreciating its market value. Leave the job to the experts. You have already invested so much in buying it.

Should the handle of your leather hand bag need replacement, here's what you should do:

  1. Contact your bag manufacturer. If you bought the bag directly from their store, you can just bring your bag along with the proof of purchase. If you bought your leather hand bag from Ebay or from someone else, there will be no need for a receipt. They will need to check your bag and make sure it is authentic before you can ask them to replace the handle. Be ready to leave your bag for a certain period of time for handle replacement. While you are at it, and if budget permits, you can also order a refurbishing service so your leather hand bag will not only have a new handle but a newly polished coat as well.
  2. Find a bag repair facility. If the brand of your leather hand bag does have a store near you, you can opt to bring your hand bag to a bag repair center. The services may be cheaper, but the quality of work is never sacrificed. Do not be afraid of leaving your leather hand bag with a bag repair center, because they will know what to do. They will most likely have the machines and supplies needed for your leather hand bag handle replacement job. You can try Avelle Refurbishment (formerly Bag Borrow or Steal). They specialize in refurbishing and repairing bags, whether luxury or not. also offers the same services. You can view the service price list from a link within the site. You will need to pay online and ship your bag to them for handle replacement. They will ship it back once it is ready.

A leather hand bag may look like a simple fashion accessory, but it is as functional as it is beautiful. Replacing the handle may cost you money, but it is all part of protecting your investment.


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