How To Replace a Watch Strap

A wrist watch is not only a stylish strap but a very useful piece of jewelry too. It's no wonder why most people choose to have these timepieces instead of other fancy jewelry like bracelets, necklaces or rings. A wrist watch is also among the most portable clocks and timepieces. With that, having this small thing with a dial becomes almost a fashion and time-telling necessity for every person.

However, there are times that these fashionable and portable clocks become damaged. It's a good thing that usually only the watch strap needs replacement. That is true whether it is a men's watch, titanium watch, automatic or Swiss Army watches. Strap replacement is even more needed for sport watches like those worn during a dive.

For Regular Release - This is applicable to watch straps whose lever is covered with the strap.

  1. Locate the lever of the watch strap.
  2. Insert the tip of a spring bar tool between the slots you see on the lever.
  3. Release the watch strap by pushing the lever in towards the strap. This is a meticulous process so be careful not to lose the lever pin.
  4. Replace the watch strap by inserting the other end of the lever into the hole. Use a tool so you can hold the lever. Press the lever into the opposite hole to lock it up. Repeat the same method for the other strap.

For Pin Lever - Do this if the watch strap is using a pin lever. Here are the steps when replacing the pin lever watch strap.

  1. Turn the watch around so you can locate the pin lever at the back of the watch strap.
  2. Push the pin lever inward and carefully release that from the case.
  3. Again, do this same process for the other strap.

For Screw Release - What makes this watch strap different is the use of a screw. When replacing this kind of watch strap, just follow these steps.

  1. Position the screwdriver in the screw head. Loosen the head. You might need a second screw if you want to have a more secured watch strap.
  2. Once loosened, you can now remove the watch screw release.
  3. You can now replace the watch strap by simply reversing this process.

To make these processes successful, you should have a special watch repair kit. Some watch brands already have their special kits. Check if your watch already has a special watch repair kit. If not, you can always go for a general watch repair kit.

Also, it's better to look for video instructions on how to replace a watch strap. Although it can be choppy, a little patience will allow you to fully view the entire video instruction on how to replace the strap of all kinds of wrist watches.

The important thing is that you can bring back the beauty of these jewelry timepieces through replacing an old strap with a new one. Just be thankful that at least it's not the dial that became damaged and is in need of replacement.


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