How To Shop for a Sexy Bikini

Now that is is summer time and the weather is sunny and warm, many women enjoying heading to the beach, swimming pool or even just laying out in their own yard to get some extra sun.  Shopping for a sexy bikini to do this in can be a fun experience.  Women want to choose bikinis that accent their figures and show off those hot curves!  Designers have made it possible for women of all shapes and sizes are able to find sexy bikinis that they can feel comfortable in.  Here we will look at some of the different styles you can choose from when you go to pick your sexy bikini out.

A bikini with a halter-style top is an excellent choice for those who want a little extra support up top.  This is the perfect choice for women who have been blessed with larger breasts.

A strapless bandeau is another excellent choice for women.  Particularly good for women with smaller chests, some of these feature a built-in push up bra, making the most of the woman's figure.

You also have the classis bikini top you've probably seen everywhere.  These can tie up top and around the back, come with thick straps or thin straps.  Some also feature built-in cups to help give the chest an extra boost.

For the bikini bottoms, you also have several options open to you, including boy short or boy leg bottoms, brief style, thong, V-cut and string.  For those who are more daring, you should go with the string bikinis or thong.  A thong bottom will show off almost your whole bottom.  The front will be covered, but the back with be greatly exposed.  French cut bikini bottoms are cut very high on the hip at the sides.  These are a great choice for those wanting to show the most skin.  String bikinis also show quite a bit of skin in the back.  It all depends upon what you're comfortable with for yourself.

When shopping for your own sexy bikini, it's important to try it on.  Stores do allow you to try on bathing suits as long as you are wearing  the proper undergarments.  Before deciding on one particular bikini, it's always a good idea to try on a few different ones for comparison.  If you're shopping for your bikini online, make sure you check out how they measure their sizes to see if they match your own.  You should also research the stores' return policies, because some will not accept returns for bathing suits.


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