How To Shop for a Sexy Bra

When shopping for a sexy bra, you want to think not just how it's going to look, but how it's going to feel. Luckily, there are plenty of sexy bras that are also designed for comfort. There are also styles of bras that are classic and timeless in their sexiness factor.

Lace bras are always sexy, as are the silky satin ones that grace the pictures of nearly every women's lingerie magazine and catalog. Lace bras that are just a bit see-through are incredibly sexy, and silky bras that have the "I can barely feel it's there" material are bound to feel sexy to your partner as well.

Sexy bras should provide the proper support for large breasts, and provide lift for women who are on the smaller side. Push-up bras and bras that have a slight amount of padding never go out of style because they are so great at creating sexy cleavage. And yes, sexy bras can have underwires, especially if they are very well-hidden.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for bras that are sexy is color. Some colors are conducive to sexiness. For example, if you're wearing a black dress, there's nothing sexier than the barest peek of a hot red bra underneath. Red and black are sexy colors for bras. White and beige are not sexy and never will be, so never buy white or beige bras if you're going for the sexy look.

That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of bra colors. While you'll want to, as a rule, stay away from light colors, don't just go for red and black set of bras, either. Go for bold colors like fuchsia or night-sky blue. Other sexy colors include dark purple, gold and silver.

Consider going for bras that have a touch of glittery or metallic fabric for a special touch to your sexy bra.

Leopard prints can also be a sexy bra pattern. They imply a sexual, animal nature. Leopard print bras can be worn under any solid color dress.

When shopping for sexy bras, remember to color coordinate your outfit with your underwear as well. Sexy bras lose their power when paired with granny panties.

Bras also lose points for having too-large straps or too many hooks. Even if you're on the large side, you should be able to find good-fitting bras that are sexy, sensual, hip, and don't look like something your mom would buy you.


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