How To Shop for Belt Buckles

Belt buckles have always been a popular accessory for both men and women to add an extra touch to any look. Choosing the proper belt buckle for the proper outfit and occasion though may be a little difficult. Fortunately, if one steps back, looks at the situation, and asks a few, simple questions, then a solution should easily present itself.

The first question that should be asked when choosing for a belt buckle is obviously what belt it's going to be paired with. Many different belts can be paired with different buckles to create a certain look. For instance, wide belts shouldn't be paired with slim buckles because they might look ridiculous. In the same way, slim belts shouldn't have large buckles put on them because the buckle might seem out of proportion. The quality of the belt's material is also important, as a fine leather belt should be paired with a high quality buckle, usually one that's made of silver, gold or other plain metals. Lower quality belts may be paired with expensive buckles, but the look should be for more casual wear.

The next question that a person should ask when picking out their buckle is when they're going to wear it. For example, belt buckles that have symbols like crossed six guns, or broken hearts are fine for day to day wear, or for going out with friends on a weekend. For more formal occasions, however, buckles should be kept more subtle and low key. That isn't to say that just because a belt buckle is going to be worn for a formal occasion that it should be plain. Symbols such as Celtic knots, or simple engravings, might be quite appropriate as long as they add a touch of color and class, without drawing too much attention to themselves. For more formal attire, belt buckles should be muted, finished with silver, brass or gold.

The last thing a person should ask when choosing their new belt buckle is how utilitarian is it. Is it a buckle that can only be worn when that person is out with friends? Is it appropriate for work or lunch meetings? Can it be worn with a suit as well as with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt? Belt buckles that can only be worn occasionally should be avoided, as should those which draw too much attention to themselves, trying to be the star of the outfit they're on.


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