How To Shop for Easter Dresses

Easter is a Christian celebration for renewal and rebirth. All Christian churches celebrate it. It usually falls during the spring season. Every mother or grandmother wants to dress their daughters with the latest fashion that will bring about good memories of Easter. But since it's a religious celebration, every shopper should strike a balance between conforming to Sunday's best and the latest fashion colors of spring for children. Here's how to get started:

Think about the budget.  The budget determines where you intend to buy the dress. It could be through the department stores, children's clothing shops, thrift shops, and mall shop displays or through online catalogues. Browse through the price tags and think of the budget you intend to spend on one dress. Do not buy the first thing you see.

Consider a classic.  Take into account the age of the child who will wear the Easter dress. Some toddlers are not yet potty trained so look for one that has nice, matching bloomers or diaper covers.

  • An Easter dress need not be worn one-time. In fact, it could eventually evolve as another Sunday best so try to invest in one that has a classic design. Think of conservative cuts that would go well with minimal accessories.
  • Linen or cotton fabric would be best because it's neither too warm nor too cold. But consider the weather in your area. Most Easter dresses have short or lack sleeves. So buy a dress that will go with a nice sweater just in case it gets a little too cold for comfort.
  • Ease of movement should also be well thought-out especially for young children. Forego fancy clothing for children that are energetic to avoid ripping the trimmings on the dress. Take note that egg-hunting is also an activity in Easter so buy clothing that will wash off easily.
  • Embroideries, pleats and collars are also nice on children. Avoid dresses that have small details that could pose as choking hazards. If you intend to have photos taken, solid fabrics with prints or designs will look best in them. Consider also the background where the child will be taken pictures. Choose pastel colors instead.

Coordinate with the family. Find a dress that will coordinate with the child's mother or sister. This brings about a sense of belonging and acceptance in the family.

Buy accessories.  Shop around for a matching purse, shoes, bonnet and jewelry for the Easter dress. Make sure that what you buy will not restrict the child's movements and are not too expensive just in case you lose it.

An Easter dress may be a good reason for wearing the best Sunday's best. It may not look like a big deal but the fact that you went out of your way to scour for one that will look best on your child is a priceless experience. The child will appreciate the sense of tradition and family in the years to come, making the experience of buying an Easter dress a continuing family tradition.


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