How To Shop for Gothic Shoes

Gothic shoes are popular for many reasons.   Anything that has to do with witchcraft, wizardry, vampires, mythology, or anything dark and magical, is considered to be gothic.  Black is the major color of gothic items, so the same goes for shoes.  Shopping for gothic shoes will also show that there are other colors besides black that belong in the gothic style.

There are many fun websites to look at the shop for gothic shoes.  One type of shoe that really stands out is called the black widow.  They are purple and black, have 2" heels, and the backs are shaped like cubes that rise up to the ankle in the back, right from the heels.  These are the most unusual shoes showing on the various websites.

There are other gothic shoes to choose from.  Most in the black, some that has a bit of red, white or purple.  Many of the shoes are made for women or men.  Most of them are made in very high, very chunky platforms.  Some are also in super high wedges, with buckles on them and many studs.  Studs are shown on many of the gothic shoes.

Some of the platform heels are bat-flared.  The gothic shoes are the only shoes that show this type of platform heel.   There are also sneaker-type platforms for men and women.  There are lace-up platform shoes with heels, and also many gothic shoes that are the mary jane style with one, two or three straps across the top.   One type of shoe even shows a chain hanging down the one side.

When shopping for gothic shoes, it depends on the outfit you want to wear them with.  There are gothic shoes to wear to a prom, with a long, tight black skirt, or dress.  The men could wear the high platform oxford shoes, or even the canvas shoes with lots of shoelaces.  These shoes are also popular for the women.

Some of the shoes have blade studs that stick out in the back, or they have a skull and crossbones emblem on them.

All of the gothic shoes go with the big wide black pants with chains and the studs on them.  Men and women could actually shop for the same pair of shoes because the gothic ones are very unisex.

There are even gothic sandals with platform heels for the hot summer days.  While shopping for gothic shoes, there will be a shoe for all seasons and all gothic outfits.


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