How To Shop for High Heels

High heels are every fashionable woman's favored accessories. They makes the legs look slimmer and sexier. They also gives added height advantage by supporting the arches for those who aren't comfortable with their stature. The impression that high heels give women has a corresponding price: foot problems. 

  1. Right fit. To get the right fit, stand on a piece of blank paper and draw around the shoe of choice. Remove your shoe and then try to draw the outline of the bare foot. There are places on your foot that are wider than the shoe. Look for the shoe size that will accommodate that. Make sure the foot is snug and the toes have enough space. Store assistants often tell clients that a tight shoe will eventually give with wear, but if it does not fit in the shop, don't buy it! 
  2. Right design.  Think about where you intend to wear your heels. Opt for neutral colors if for work or colors to match most of your outfits. Look out for straps and contraptions that allow the shoe to be attached to your feet. Avoid pointed pairs as the pressure on the toes can cause nail and bone damage. Aim for rounded ends for comfort and classic appeal. It might be a little expensive, but invest on one made of good leather. Choose a shoe with a leather upper sole, inner leather lining and firm stitching.
  3. Right heel. Choose the kind of heels that will provide you with ample height. Beginners should start with 1 to 1.5 inch high. Platforms and wedges are foot friendly because they provide height and support. Look for a wide base where the heel meets the bottom of the shoe. This allows more support for the heel and less stress on the ball of the feet. Make sure that there are heel grips or rubber soles placed in the bottoms of the shoes.
  4. Right time. Know when you intend to wear heels. It might be all day or all night, but never both. Day heels have to be designed for comfort, match most of your work clothes and with plain designs. Night shoes are more for socializing and should be a tad daring. These are for short distance walking. Make sure you also buy a pair of flats for in between use.
  5. Right support. Look for shoes that support your foot arch. Pain from wearing heels is usually from strained arches. Padding under the balls of the feet is vital to avoid intense soreness. Look for one that has soft inner soles. If possible, wear some thin socks underneath. Seriously consider the fact that hosiery might increase the chances of slippage. 

Podiatrists and chiropodists agree high heels are not the best shoes for women's feet but there are techniques that can be taken to make sure that the consequences do not happen. Follow these 5Rs and you can never go wrong investing in that pair of heels that will complete your wardrobe.


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