How To Shop for Mother of the Bride Dresses

Shopping for the mother of the bride's dress should be nearly as important as shopping for the bride's gown. Everyone knows that the bride will be the star of the wedding, but eyes will still be looking at the mother of the bride.  The mother should be fabulous as is her daughter.

If you are the mother of the bride, consider that there are two areas to ponder before settling on your perfect dress.  The first area to consider is the rules of the wedding.  The other area is the process of choosing the dress itself.

Rules may sound harsh, but weddings do have rules that even the mother of the bride should follow.  Remember, it is your daughter's special day and she has spent so much time organizing every single detail of the wedding.  The dress is just a single facet of this orchestration. 

Know first what the theme of the wedding will be.  Will it be modern or classic-inspired?  Is there a color motif?  Ask your daughter if she wants your dress color to complement or match with her chosen gown.

Once you get the general idea of the wedding theme and motif, it will be nice if you share the information with the mother of the groom as well.  This will also be a venue for the two of you to coordinate your dresses according to the theme and motif.

The choosing and buying process is quite simple if you are a woman who is used to buying dresses for yourself.  However, a dress worn at a wedding is not like your ordinary every day dress.  There are still special things to be considered in choosing the dress that you will wear at your daughter's wedding.

Scrutinize the fabric.  Commonly used fabrics in dresses worn in special occasions are chiffon, georgette, silk, organza, or crepe.  Try to run your fingers over the fabric and feel the texture of it.

Choose a color that will bring out the best in you.  Your daughter's wedding may have a color motif but you do not have to confine yourself to the exact color motif of the wedding.  For example, if bright pink is the color motif of the wedding and it does not look good on you, try a different shade of pink. 

Consider the time and location of the wedding.  Light-colored dresses are good choices for day weddings and dark-colored dresses for evening weddings.  Choose a comfortable fabric that is well-suited for the season.

If you are buying online, you need to measure yourself first to get your exact size. Never rely on approximates.  Compare your measurements with the manufacturer's chart to get an idea on what size to order.

Lastly, know what looks good on you and what doesn't.  An A-line skirt is the best choice if you have large hips.  Flabby arms are best hidden with a long sleeved jacket and a large tummy may look smaller in a longer blouse.



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