How To Shop for Motorcycle Jackets

Finding the right motorcycle jacket can be the difference between a hospital trip and dusting yourself off and riding away. When first shopping for motorcycle jackets, looking for safety features is a great place to start.  

A good motorcycle jacket will at least have shoulder pads.  The common safety features that you should look for when shopping for motorcycle jackets are: shoulder pads, forearm pads, back pads, and kidney pads. Pads are also available in different weights and strengths. Softer pads my add a little comfort while lounging around, but the harder the pads the more abuse they will take. The more abuse your motorcycle jacket will take, the less force will get transferred to you in case of an impact.

After educating yourself in the safety features of motorcycle jackets, it's a good idea to visit a few of your local motorcycle shops to find the style and color which best fit your wants and needs.  At this point, it is also very important to find the correct size for your motorcycle jacket. It will not matter how many safety features your motorcycle jacket has if it doesn't fit correctly and moves in an accident, exposing your tender parts.

Of course if you're looking for a great deal when you are shopping for motorcycle jackets, the internet is still a great way to go.  There are many discount motorcycle jackets and accessories stores online and a lot of them are very good businesses to deal with. When buying a motorcycle jacket online, though, make sure you can either find the exact motorcycle jacket in a store first; this way, you can verify the size and fit.  If this is impossible, choose a company with a free return policy, just in case your new jacket doesn't fit as expected.

Finally, there are always a ton of used motorcycle jackets for sale. Sometimes you really can find a deal of a lifetime shopping for motorcycle jackets - but extra caution and inspection should be taken with used merchandise.  Not only must you make sure of everything mentioned before, you must also bear in mind that since the item has been used, the pads and safety features may be missing or broken. This doesn't mean that you cannot replace them, just be extra careful. A missing shoulder pad may not seem like a big deal, but check first before you buy. In the end just make sure your motorcycle jacket fits your style and your body to ensure the highest level of safety and fun!


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