How To Shop for Sexy Lingerie

Planning is needed when you shop for sexy lingerie whether you are buying an item for a special someone or for yourself. You have two choices to shop. One is to go to a retail store, and the other is to do a purchase online.

If you choose to buy lingerie at a retail store and you are buying the item for yourself, dress in casual clothing that you can easily take off, to try on lingerie styles you intend to buy. If you are buying lingerie to give as a gift to a friend, or someone special, you must have the correct size you need and keep in mind the favorite body part like the bust, legs, or butt you want to accentuate. Choose lingerie that will complement these parts of the female body.

For those who prefer to buy sexy lingerie, shopping at retail stores used to be and still is sometimes a challenge. Though there is nothing wrong with buying sexy erotic lingerie, most people do not want to accidentally see someone they know while they are shopping for erotic underwear. Before, most of the naughty lingerie shops also were located in the less accessible or remote areas of the city, so people had to travel out of town to shop. Since the introduction of Internet or online shopping, buying erotic and sexy lingerie has become more convenient.

For you to be happy with the lingerie you purchase for yourself of for someone special, here are some tips in buying the right sexy lingerie:

1.    Make sure you have the exact bra and panty size, as well as the weight, height, and even your dress size or the size of the person you are shopping for. The best way to know the correct size of someone else is to ask the person. But if you want the lingerie to be a surprise gift, you can peek or go through her lingerie drawers or closet to find the sizes she wears, or you can simply guess.

2.    Identify what body parts you or the person you are shopping for feels most comfortable with and choose the lingerie that can complement her body part.

  • Consider that not everyone feels comfortable in a sexy thong, with her butt showing.
  • A short chemise or a baby doll styled lingerie can show off beautiful legs.
  • With a bustier design or halter, you can emphasize nice cleavage.
  • A camisole can highlight toned arms.

3.    Choose fun prints like balloons, clouds or cherries that can tickle your inner child or tease your playfulness. Or, you can bring out the wilder side in you through bold colors, lace designs, and wild animal prints.

4.    Choose colors like white or off-white, black, or red that would be safe and fit any skin tone. Pastels would look good on blondes, while emerald green or purple fit brunettes. More earthy tones are for redheads, including shades of blue and green.

5.    If you like the feel of the garment when touched, then you will like wearing it. You can choose from updated casual or intimates that have bikini or tank tops and are in flannel, cotton, or other naturally comfortable fabrics, or choose satin, silk, and velvet that usually appeal to the touch. If you are purchasing online, it is best that you know the feel of the fabrics you are ordering.

6.    When buying for yourself, buy what fits your budget and looks good. Try to find bargain, discontinued items or items on sale. Since you will not wear lingerie as an outer garment, the fit and feel should matter more than the style.  If you are buying lingerie for someone special, make sure to keep in mind her best body part, favorite color, and preferred styles to wear.

7.    Find out what the retail store or online company’s return or exchange policies are. After you know if the item or items you intend to purchase can be returned or exchanged, then make your purchase.

8.    Have the lingerie items professionally wrapped with soft tissue paper and beautiful wrapping paper. For those who are sending the lingerie as a gift, you can be more creative by making baskets or bags, adding in special items like a book of poetry, a bottle of wine or her favorite perfume, body products and even candles.

There are several types of lingerie stores. There are mall stores like Lane Bryant and Victoria's Secret that are foundation stores that carry panties, bras, hosiery and a limited selection of sexy lingerie items. For department stores like Mervyn’s, Macy's or Sears they may only offer the simple and casual lingerie lines.

For sexy lingerie with more erotic and wild designs, you will need to look for boutique lingerie stores that specialize in sexy lingerie or "adult" stores that also offer lingerie. These stores often sell only popular boxed sets that have limited styles, are usually one size fits all, and have only a few colors to choose from. Sex toy stores may also carry sexy lingerie lines that match sex toys they sell.

If Internet shopping is your option, feel free to fill your online purchasing cart with orders for all types of sexy lingerie from vinyl, leather, or even hot exotic designs. The advantage of online shopping is that you would have a wide range of available choices in any possible size for the petite to a plus-size woman.

Anonymity is your greatest advantage in shopping in cyber lingerie stores. Even if you order leather or erotic lingerie, you will not be self-conscious. There is more variety of seductive lingerie offered in stores online, and purchasing is easy. You also have the added thrill of your partner not knowing that you have just purchased new lingerie while you were home and he was at work.

Enjoy shopping for sexy lingerie and keep in mind that the enjoyment is in feeling good about your purchase. Make yourself feel good by knowing you are wearing a business dress with a matching pair of erotic lingerie or a sexy corset underneath. Or you can excite your partner while he undresses you and discovers leather lingerie or teasing lingerie with wild prints you secretly purchased. For your special someone, opening a box with sexy lingerie and a good smelling perfume may make your date end beyond your expectations.


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