How To Know Types of Tie Racks

Colorful ties arranged in a rack

Most men have a collection of neckties that they store in a drawer or by hanging them on tie racks. Tie racks have been considered anything from a fascinating method of organizing neckties to being a piece of junk in the closet. But before you make your conclusions, consider the following popular tie rack models that are available on the market today:

  1. Ladder. Whatever frills they put into this kind of tie rack, it will still be reminiscent of a ladder. It actually looks more like a fishbone with its single vertical support in the middle with open beams on either side. Ties are supposed to hang from the beams. In that way, they avoid wrinkling and you simply have to pull the necktie of choice without difficulty. It has certain advantages. It saves space in the closet, since it is essentially flattened like a clothes hanger. The ladder arrangement allows the user to choose which design would go well with their clothes. Conversely, it also has disadvantages. Ties hung on the ladders are limited – depending on the number of beams. The more ties you cram onto the beam, the higher the chance of that tie slipping from the rack.
  2. Traditional rack. This model looks like a horizontal wheel with spokes jutting out. Ties could be hanged or clipped to the spokes. This improvement permits the user to choose ties by flipping through each spoke and pulling one they desire.  Unlike the older ladder version, it prevents wrinkling better because there are spaces between the ties. In some models where ties are clipped in the spokes, it allows more ties to be hung with lesser probability of slipping. On the other hand, this sort could take up space in the closet, especially when you have a lot of ties to organize. The open spokes are prone to breakage, as they are poorly supported by the central hinge.
  3. Motorized revolving. Think of this type as a rack turned motorized. It also has open arms where you can hang your ties, and at a press of the button, the rack will revolve with the use of a motor at its hub. This is a great innovation for people who are always on the go or cannot make up their minds as to which tie to wear. Its advantages and drawbacks are similar to the traditional rack, with added extras. This version of the rack makes turning the racks for that certain tie to appear easier than flipping your hand through it. However, as it is often battery operated, you have to allocate a budget for batteries if you use it often.

Neckties have long been essential men’s accessories. They have been used for uniforms, as office attire or even as a component of formal wear. Tie racks are the best way of prolonging their use and a great way for organizing them in your wardrobe. No matter what model you intend to use, it should be slip-proof and durable.


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