How To Buy a Prom Suit

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Young men may have never faced a hassle while buying a prom suit! While their dates spend hours and hours in stores with friends or moms checking out each and every outfit, young men can walk into any tuxedo rental store, pay about $50 – $100 for the rental, look dashing that one night, and simply return it the next day! While some may show innate good taste in picking the right prom suit, some may just pick the first suit that fits, and others may not even be aware of what to buy! Here are some tips to help the second and third groups while buying a prom suit.

What to buy or rent?

A prom suit can be a formal tuxedo or a nice black suit. Although, there may not be much of a difference between a tuxedo and a black suit; you could add a good vest and a bow tie, and no one will know if you’re wearing a tux or a simple suit!

Renting Vs Buying

Renting a tuxedo may be a good choice, but what if you can buy an awesome-looking tuxedo for an affordable price? Would you not want to buy one in such a case? Getting your money’s worth should be your main aim while buying a prom suit. Renting a prom suit allows you one-time wear, while buying will allow you to wear it for numerous future occasions, without having to pay the rental fee again and again! Plus, buying gives you more options to choose from, while renting a prom suit will be just the opposite! Fits are not important for a one-time rental, but buying means ensuring a fit that allows you to use the suit again and again! Some young men turn out to grow taller and bigger every year after the prom, while some remain the same! So watch out for this factor while buying your tuxedo or suit.

Tuxedo Vs Black Suit

A tuxedo is one-time wear or stored for very special occasions, which is why most young men prefer to rent it. Buying a black suit has its own benefits; you could dress up or dress down according to the occasion. You can wear a black suit with the right accessories just about anywhere, i.e. apart from the prom, think church, weddings or even job interviews once you’ve completed graduation! A tuxedo, on the other hand, cannot be worn for such occasions, it gets people staring and causing you embarrassment!

Where to look for a tuxedo or suit?

Spread the word among the older generation - dads, uncles, cousins, etc. One of them may still own a hot-looking tuxedo or suit that you could borrow! With minor alterations, you will have a new outfit ready for the prom!

Sales/Bargains: The most common place to buy a suit is at a sale or bargain shop that offers you a reasonable price. Again, you may not be satisfied with the fit, but post alterations, you will be a happy man! 

Online: The shopping mode widely used! Check out all options; you may find great deals on buying or renting a tuxedo or a suit. The only drawback while buying or renting a suit online is that you may not be able to try it on first! So check for the exchange and return policy and ensure you keep the receipt in case you need to exchange or return your purchase.

And last but not the least, look for the right accessories, i.e. smart leather shoes, cuff links, etc. You will look dashing and are now good to go to that prom! Who knows, you may end up outshining your prom date (though that is not a recommended course of action)!


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