How To Know Men's Underwear Trends and Styles

Men tend to care less about the way they dress, not too stylish and not too much of an attention seeker. That is how men tend to go, "the simpler, the better." Even if they do not say it, they live and dress by this rule. But all the simplicity seems to fade away when it comes to choosing the type of underwear they buy. Let us just put things this way. Men dress in three different categories: the decent business, the simple everyday conservative and the anything and anywhere rugged get-up. But no matter how decent, simple or rugged a man may dress the only way to find out about his inner self lies in the type of undergarment he wears. It is like having a hidden personality beneath the outer skin. A man may tend to dress rugged and so manly, but it may surprise you to know that men who usually dress this way choose the simpler and less provocative undergarments. It goes with those people who dress up conservatively, this type usually wears undergarments usually referred to as wild and daring. Therefore, this points out that different underwear trends and styles are also necessary in a man's world. It is how men express their true selves.

There are a number of types that provide men with the style and comfort that men look for in an underwear.

  1. Brief - In today's market, there is a wide selection of underwear styles to choose from. Here are some of the trends to look out for when buying men's underwear. Usually stylish briefs made by signature brands like Hancock and Hanes fit their briefs with wide elastic waistbands known as the "Y-shaped front fly." This covers everything from the waist to the upper part of the thighs. The next type of brief is called "mid-rise briefs." This one has similar characteristics as the Y-shaped front fly only it's about 2 inches lower at the waist portion. The last type of stylish briefs is known as the "low-rise brief" or as some would call it, the "bikini brief" which is 3 inches lower than the waist line. Briefs with a low waistline go well with certain types of pants for men.
  2. Boxers - For those people who find briefs a bit too much for their style and do not get the type of comfort that they seek in briefs, there is always the well-known and more preferred boxer short. Boxers and chosen by most people for their comfort and relaxing fit. It is just like a tiny pair of shorts with really soft and smooth clothing as the material used for it. In addition, it has a front fly opening for easy access when the need calls for it.

    A second type of boxers is called the "Tapered Boxer." This is also a boxer shorts only with a few differences pulling it apart from the standard boxer short. This one has a fit leg opening that goes up to the thighs. It has wider side areas allowing more movement and freedom. Tapered boxers usually do not have front fly openings but have a front cup in place of the fly to offer greater support to the groin.


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