How To Wear a Garter Belt

Woman wearing white garter belt and stockings

Wearing a garter belt, whether for a special occasion or for everyday wear, is not something a person is born knowing how to do. Wearing a garter belt effortlessly is something a person has to learn, fortunately it is easily learned. Believe me, once you get the hang of it, you definitely won't want to go back to plain pantyhose.

Wearing a garter belt feels sexy and the first step in learning how to wear a garter belt comfortably is to make sure you have the right size garter belt for your body.  Too tight and you will be self-conscious about lines, too loose and you will worry about the garter belt falling off. Generally speaking garter belts run from small to extra large, so to be sure take a minute to measure yourself. The rule of thumb is to measure around your waist, just below your navel as that is where the belt will sit. Also it is important to check with the manufacturer as sizes can sometimes vary.

Once you know the size, pick out a garter belt that suits your style. Some people prefer to be a little naughty and go with saucy black and red, while many others prefer a more demure style, choosing a feminine pink and cream look. Which ever your preference, be sure to be comfortable and confident with your choice.

With the garter belt in hand, you are ready to learn how to properly wear it. Garter belts usually hook together in the back or on the side and once fastened, simply rotate the garter belt into place so that the straps hang evenly on the front and back of the thigh. Once fastened, the belt should sit just below the navel, with the straps hanging loose.

At this point put on panties, if you choose to. Most garter belts are sold with matching panties that are made especially to be worn with the belt. Making sure you have the right stockings to wear with your garter belt is equally important. They must be designed to wear with garter belts. Simply start with the toe and gently roll the stocking up the leg to the point where they meet the straps. Once in place, just take the clips at the end of the straps and fasten the stockings into place.

Successfully learning how to wear garter belt will take a little practice to get comfortable but it is a talent well worth learning.


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