How To Wear Sexy Clothes

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If you want to wear sexy clothes, there are plenty of things you can wear to create that sexy look. Sexy doesn't have to mean trampy. Think sexy and yet classy. Embrace your body and show it off with the right sexy clothes.

Mini-skirts are always a good way to start looking sexy. If you want to wear sexy clothes, start shopping for very short skirts that show off your legs. While tight mini-skirts are a great look, full skirts (like cheerleader-type skirts) are good bets as well. Also think about getting plaid mini-skirts, for that sexy schoolgirl look.

Wearing sexy clothes means investing in low-cut blouses. Sexy tops with plunging necklines are a must-have addition to any wardrobe. Sleeveless tops are also sexy but make sure you have the arms to show off!

Thinking midriff blouses? You're on the right track. Midriff blouses that expose a bit of belly can be worn during the daytime or to a nightclub. Pair your blouse with a great skirt, and you've got a great sexy outfit.

What about pants? Low-slung jeans are all the rage, and tight jeans have been considered sexy for years. The great thing about skin-tight jeans is that they never go out of style and can be worn with anything.

When you wear sexy clothes, you definitely want to think about bright, bold colors. Black and red is the ultimate key to sexy clothes. Pastels are not sexy, period. Go for an all-white outfit for a smart and classy sexy look. If you're going out at night, buy clothes that have a bit of glitter so you'll stand out in the crowd.

Don't forget about shoes. Stilettos and thigh-high boots are sexy shoes that go with almost every type of wardrobe. Anything with heels is going to make you feel confident, and make your body look better in what you're wearing. High heels lengthen your legs and improve your posture.

Wearing sexy clothes to the office? That's a whole other ballgame. You definitely don't want to go into work wearing midriffs. You can, however, get away with mini-skirts (as long as you pair them with tights) and plunging necklines are totally acceptable to the office. When you're thinking of "sexy" think "less is more." Showing cleavage is great. But going overboard and showing the whole package is sliding into "trampy" territory.

Whatever you choose to wear, if you feel good while you're wearing it, you're bound to feel sexy.


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