How To Wear Stiletto Shoes

You do not wear a stiletto heel for comfort.  You wear a stiletto heel for looks, and to experience everything associated with stiletto heels. Follow these tips for wearing and buying stiletto heels.

First and foremost, make sure you pick the right pair for you. These shoes are extremely uncomfortable and will hurt your feet.  Be careful to choose the correct pair.  Stiletto heels with pointed toes are by far the most painful.  When you walk your toes will be scrunched up. Make sure to walk around in the potential stiletto heel before you buy them.  It would be a shame to spend all that money on something that was actually excruciatingly painful.  If they are painful in the store, think about what it would be like if you were in them for an evening.

Stiletto heels are by no means appropriate for business.  They are special shoes and should be treated as such.  Use them on special evenings such as going out for dinner, a play, or even an important banquet.  If your date happens to be taller than you, then a stiletto heel can add inches to your height, and thus, make the height difference smaller.

Just like when you had your first high heel, you will need to practice walking in your stiletto heel.  If there is a special occasion that you are planning on wearing them for, make sure to practice in advance.  Some people suggest wearing them a few days in advance, for a few hours so you can walk properly.

This goes without saying, but must be said anyway.  Do not wear stiletto heels with clothing that can be mistaken as part of a prostitute's outfit.  Stiletto heels are very sexy.  Do not over do the sex appeal.  A good stiletto will make you look sexy by itself.

A good stiletto heel will add a hint of sensuality to any woman's outfit.  There are many reasons to wear them, but it boils down to special occasions.  Do not overdo it in terms of sexiness. Practice makes perfect.  Practice every day for a bit, so that you can properly walk in heels like a pro.  Not only will you feel better once you master the stiletto heel, but you will look sexier and more attractive too.  Have fun and feel proud when walking in a stiletto heel.  The heels will give you confidence and it will really show.


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