Wear the Best Necklace

Being indecisive about which necklace to wear can be frustrating. There are many things to consider when you shop for a necklace. Style, color and length make a difference according to what you are wearing. Whether you are going to a wedding, out with a friend, to church or your place of business, you want to look your best. Sterling silver, gold, pearl and fashion necklaces are all stylish. To give you some ideas as to which necklace to wear for certain occasions, a few are mentioned below.

  • A pearl necklace is normally worn at fancy engagements or weddings. When considering the style, shop for a necklace that will stand out and be noticed. Some to consider are the long pearl necklaces that are made to wrap around the neck several times and can be found at thrift stores. If you don't mind spending extra money, shop for a necklace that has 14 carat gold for the clasp. Something borrowed, something new is part of a phrase for a bride to choose for her accessories. The borrowed could be grandmother's pearl necklace.
  • If you are looking for a sweet 16 birthday gift, shop for a necklace that will be memorable. The add-a-bead style is not only fun to do, but also can be bought in gold or silver. Beads can be added at anytime. Buy some pendants to go along with the gift when you shop for a necklace. You can make the gift even more special by asking friends to bring a single bead to the party.
  • When you shop for a necklace to wear for church, think about the dresses or blouses you will be wearing. Think about the length of the necklace and how it will hang above or over what you are wearing. Cross necklaces are available in many styles. If you wear light or white colored dresses or blouses you may want to shop for a necklace that has bright colors. Different colored gems within the cross necklace would be stunning.
  • The birthstone would be a great idea to keep in mind when you shop for a necklace for your children. Matching earrings and bracelet would complete the set. These are very affordable and fashionable for any age. A locket with their birthstone and a picture of the parents to put inside would make a wonderful gift for a child. Whatever the occasion may be, it will be treasured for many years to come.


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