How To Wear Tight Clothes

Tight clothing was equally appealing for both men and women in the 70s. Just watch movies like "Saturday Night Fever" or shows such as "That 70's Show." The fashion was vogue for both sexes. But sometime in the mid-eighties pleated pants become popular for men. However, tight clothing is more popular than ever with women. You don't have to search very long to find young girls or women sashaying around in tight jeans and halter tips, showing off the latest in belly button studs. Pop idols like Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson usually start these kind of trends, and then everyone else wants to emulate them. Tight clothes are very sexy.

While tight jeans and clothing may be extremely popular, they can also cause health problems. Women who wear tight clothes can be subject to yeast infections. Clothes like tight jeans retain heat and cause a woman to sweat in the vaginal area. Despite medicines like Vagisil, this annoying problem can persist if women continue to squeeze into jeans two sizes too small. Men who wear tight pants can have problems with fertility and even damage the testicles.

Another condition women can suffer from is paresthesia. This is a debilitating nerve condition that is comparable to carpal tunnel syndrome in the hands. Symptoms of this condition include a tingling, burning sensation in the hip area. The pressure of the clothing on the nerves can actually cause circulation problems similar to what the elderly experience. Inflammation can result which can be very painful. Parathesia can minimize vitamin efficiency to the affected area and eventually lead to more serious metabolic conditions. However, doctors can usually recognize the culprit and diagnose the problem right away.

Less serious conditions include chafing and blisters in the thigh or waist area. Still, there is such a thing as wearing clothing that is too tight and that can have many dire repercussions.

Tight clothes are extremely popular with females--anything from skinny jeans to low-rise blue jeans. The way to alleviate potential problems with these jeans is to limit the time wearing them. Women can save the tightest jeans for the night clubs on weekends.  Meanwhile, there are also jeans that appear snugger than they really are but provide more comfort. The key is to shop around and find the right combination of a snug look yet comfortable fit.


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