How To Know When To Wear Control Top Underwear

Control top is a type of pantyhose that provides additional buttock and tummy support, eliminating the need for other support garments. Control tops became the replacement for girdles when women started wearing them at about the same time when they stopped wearing girdles. Control tops were developed during the 1960s as a pantyhose made of nylon. Control tops allow the tummy area to look firm and help enhance the way the buttocks look from the outside. Control tops also protect your legs from dust.

The control tops of today have evolved, and manufacturers have added a new feature that offers more comfort and security according to the lifestyle of the active women of our time. Here's how to know if they are right for you.

  1. A standard control top has a “cotton crotch” feature that allows women to wear it even without wearing panties.
  2. Some women choose to wear control tops for another reason, which is to avoid a fashion “faux pas” or what we would refer to as the panty line. When women wear certain types of pants like slacks or khaki pants, panty lines become visible. Using control tops may help eliminate having these visible panty lines.
  3. Some control tops may make a person wearing them uncomfortable. Most leading pantyhose manufacturers use materials smoother than the standard nylon that is currently in use. This provides a more comfortable feel. The panty portion of a control top has panels that are elastically reinforced. The panty portion also allows minimal movement because of the presence of Lycra. This provides a hold more firm than that of nylon.
  4. However, control tops were only made to provide support. It does not have the ability to change the shape of the body. If your tummy is too big for the control top to hold, there is a tendency that a noticeable portion will still be left bulging out even with control tops on.

When purchasing control tops, you have to make sure to buy those that are the right size for you. This is very important. A control top is best worn when it fits you just right. If you happen to belong to the “plus-size” category, do not fret. Plus-size manufacturers have also tailored some control tops specifically for you. Taller women usually have trouble with their control tops, since they have a tendency to slide downwards due to the height and may provide less support because of this. There are also control tops available for tall women. When looking for a control top look for the tall sizes made specifically for tall customers.

At the beginning of the year 2000, wearing stockings and control tops became less popular. The fashion trend of this time pointed women to the direction of bare-legs instead of those wrapped in nylon stockings that used to be popular in previous years. Though the need for control tops remained, women chose to go with the trend until lately when a new company introduced “Spanx®” to the market. It has the traditional control top end, but with the nylon cut short above the knee. This has become the latest trend that has taken the place of control tops nowadays.


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