How To Find Unique Watch Winder Designs

Watches are either mechanical or electronic. The electronic watches are also called watches with quartz movements. These are watches that are battery operated. They also have few movable parts. Most electronic watches are cheaper than mechanical ones. Examples of quartz watches are Timex Ironman, Invicta Watch and Citizen's Eco-Drive Watch.

Mechanical watches have a more detailed timekeeping mechanism. They function with the use of mechanical movements. They are expensive and sensitive to temperature. Mechanical watches are often called automatic watches.

The movement of an automatic watch depends mostly on the motion of the person wearing it. But today, most automatic watches are now self-winding. There is also a special type of automatic watch called kinetic movement. Kinetic or automatic watches make it possible to combine the accuracy of electronic watches and the efficiency of mechanical watches.

Because an automatic watch depends on movement, it needs to be worn everyday. But for those people who do not wear automatic watches everyday, it is best to have a watch winder. It is also beneficial for complicated watch functions like perpetual calendars. A watch winder is a tool that moves in regular patterns. It resembles the human movement to maintain the watch's winding mechanism.

Here is a list of the top watch winder designs available on the market.

  • The Module 2.0 Watch Winder was created by Wolf Designs. The company started in 1834. Their Module 2.0 device is designed to move in three settings. These are clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional. It has an active cycle wherein the winder turns on and off for about seven hours continuously. It also has a dormant period of 17 hours called sleep cycle. This period allows the mainspring to unwind naturally like when worn normally. It also allows the mainspring to retain its flexibility.
  • The Sparta 2 Deluxe Lithium is a dual-watch winder designed by Orbita. It uses the patented Rotorwind system, using a specially designed rotor. It allows the watch to be in different oscillations, mimicking the natural motion of the wrist. The Sparta watch winders are battery operated using its pre-installed lithium batteries. It has a guaranteed 5-year battery life, same as its watch winder.
  • The Eilux Double Watch Winder in wood is a product of Eilux System. A company based in Hong Kong, it is dubbed as one of the best inexpensive watch winders ever made. It is known for having affordable quality. It operates quietly and has a fully automatic cycle. Its winding direction can also be programmed into three presets. The watch winder also has an auto stop feature for safe removal of the watch.

If you need any additional information, you can also ask any local watch repair shop if they have any suggestions. Knowing these top watch winder designs can provide you a clearer idea on the purpose and importance of a watch winder.


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