Why People Love Havaianas Flip Flops

Havaianas is now almost synonymous to "flip flops." When you talk about slippers or sandals, there is nothing much more in demand than this popular brand. The comfort it gives to the feet is indeed a treat, a reason why people start chasing after them.

Havaianas are in line with some other popular footwear brands like Crocs and Teva. However, Havaianas mainly designs thong flip flops and flip sandals in a designer style.

The price of the Havaianas flip flops is not that cheap as compared to other local brands. However, their price becomes unnoticed by the buyers. What the people are usually after is the goodness that these slippers give.

Havaianas Evolution

The name Havaianas is a Portuguese term for the Hawaiians, a chosen word by the Brazilian designers to give tribute to the world-renowned holiday destination. The bouncy, flexible, and durable nature of the Havaianas flip flops date as far back as 1962. Because of its quality, more than two billion pairs of Havaianas sandals have been sold since its introduction to the market. The design of the sandals was inspired by the Japanese slippers, usually associated with a V or a thong. Since then, a lot of designs were produced that gave way to stylish and designer footwear worn by almost everyone in the social pyramid.  The list of styles is actually more than a dozen already. Each taste is answered by the Havaianas team as they conquer the world of rubber slippers. From the plain-colored ones to the most sophisticated prints, name it and Havaianas has it.

Wholesale Havaianas

Since Havaianas have become so popular, it's made a lot of businesses and even individuals become regular distributors of these sandals. This is the reason why a lot of wholesale distributors have come along. Since the price of a pair is expensive, wholesale buying can lower down the price and can open to more chances of gaining capital. Though it is not hard to sell them, an inexpensive wholesale price is more promising.

To look for places where you can to find wholesale Havaianas flip flops, there is nothing better but to go online. Because the market of Havaianas is worldwide, most of the best deals can be found on the Internet. However, you need to be careful. Make sure to go to authorized distributors of Havaianas to ensure that what you will be buying are authentic sandals.

As this manufacturer continues to produce stylish and remarkable flip flops, people will continue to purchase Havaianas. 


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