How To Get a Motorcycle Insurance Quote

If you own a motorcycle, you are going to want to protect your investment. In addition, you will need to protect yourself from damage that you may cause while you are riding your motorcycle.
The first step to obtaining a quote for motorcycle insurance is to get a quote from an insurance carrier. There are three common ways in which you can get an insurance quote.

  1. In person - You can visit your local insurance agent. Agents act as a representative for either a single or a group of insurance companies. The agent will get you a quote and coverage for your property. To get a quote from an agent, give the agency a call and let them know you need a quote for insurance on your motorcycle. They will set up a time to meet with you so they can get the necessary information to build your quote.

  • Over the Internet - You can obtain a quote for motorcycle insurance over the Internet from a number of major carriers. Simply direct yourself to the company website, such as StateFarm or NationwideInsurance, and click on the "Get a Quote" link. You will fill out some basic information to receive your quote. You may receive the quote instantly, be contacted by mail or receive a phone call from a local agent.
  • By phone call - The last method to obtain a quote is by phone. Search the Internet or your local yellow pages to obtain the phone number for the insurance carrier you wish to obtain a quote from. Give them a call and ask for a quote for your motorcycle.
    When you are requesting your quote, you will need to have some basic information available.

    1. Details on the motorcycle to be insured. This includes make, model, year, annual mileage, where the motorcycle will be housed and condition.

  • Information on who will be driving the motorcycle. This can include age, driving history, license number and motorcycle driving experience.
  • What coverage you wish to have on the motorcycle. Since motorcycles are considered a specialty item, the coverages may vary greatly from one carrier to another. You will have a choice of deductible and coverage limits and may be able to choose rental coverage and towing options.
  • You now have enough information to get a quote for your motorcycle. There should never be a charge to obtain an insurance quote. It is recommended that you first attempt to obtain coverage through the same carrier who insures your vehicles as there may be a discount for multiple policies. Also, bear in mind that not all insurance carriers will write insurance policies on motorcycles due to the higher risk involved in owning and driving one. 


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