How To Get a Family Health Insurance Quote

Ensuring that your family is covered by health insurance is one of the best ways you can provide for their long term protection. Most families can afford one or two doctor's visits out of pocket, but in the unfortunate event of a serious accident or illness, having the proper health insurance for the entire family can mean the difference between good and bad care.

It's easy to get a family health insurance quote. It's best to get several quotes before choosing the one that is right for your family. 

  1. Gather family information. Before getting a quote from any insurance company, you will need information on each member of the family who needs to be insured. Usually this includes: birth date and gender of each family member, information on tobacco usage, educational status of children over 18, and address Not all insurance companies require the same information, but most require at least these pieces of information.
  2. Choose where to get a quote. You can get a quote by visiting a local insurance agency, phoning the insurance company, or using the Internet to search for quotes.
  3. If you choose a local insurance agency, you can find one by asking friends or relatives to refer you to agencies they use and trust. Insurance agencies have agents who will do the hunting for quotes for you. You can also find one by looking in the yellow pages of the phone book or by visiting a website such as Switchboard that works like the yellow pages. Once you find an agency you want to use, phone for an appointment.
  4. If you choose to phone the insurance company directly, you will need to call several insurance companies to get various quotes. Again, you can ask for referrals from friends or relatives or find companies in the yellow pages.
  5. If you choose to get quotes from the Internet, there are several websites that will give multiple quotes with one request. Insurance, Family Health Insurance, and netQuote are just a few of the websites that can assist you in finding quotes.
  6. Compare the quotes. Just because one is the lowest does not mean it is the best one. Compare deductibles, co-pays, and what the plans do and don't cover. Choose the insurance that offers the best coverage that you can afford. Yes, you want to get the best rate, but you also want to get the most coverage for your money. Sometimes, it is best to pay a little more for better coverage.


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