How To Choose: Truck Transport, or Other Means to Move Cargo?

When you're moving to a different location, know that there are many options available: you could take rail freight transport, air freight transport, or use your own van to move your belongings. However, if the destination is within the same land area as your original location (meaning you won't be required to hire air or ship to move your belongings), the best way to go is to hire a truck for cargo transport. Here are some reasons why it's better to hire truck transport over other means to move cargo:

  • More space for your belongings. Especially if you have a big family (or even if you just have a lot of belongings), a truck will be spacious enough to hold it all comfortably enough so that items won't be squashed or damaged during the move. Make sure that the movers know proper handling and storage for your items. You may supervise where they put your precious cargo, particularly your plants, your expensive furniture (make sure it doesn't get scratched), or your other irreplaceable items.

    In addition, most truck shipping companies would assume responsibility (and pay) in case they accidentally damage or scratch any of your valuables. That's why it's a wise move to take photos of your belongings as proof of their condition before the move. Consult freight brokers regarding this.

  • More comfort. If you hire truck shipping professionals then you can expect quality service during your move. For example, truck shipping companies have specialized moving equipment such as moving blankets, floor runners, moving dollies and wardrobe boxes to ensure safety for your belongings. Movers assist in carrying heavy items from the truck to the actual destination (for example, your new home) and arranging it in the exact spot intended for that item.
  • More reliability. If you hire freight transport services then you will be assured that they will do their job - transporting what needs to be transported. Make sure that you hire reputable moving services (some popular ones include Active Transport and Total Transportation Services) to protect the safety of your belongings.
  • Better rates. Truck transport offers better rates compared to airfreight services; plus it entails the best over-all rates given the services that it offers.
  • More possibilities. If you need specialized freight transport (such as for your motor or other heavy-duty equipment), most transportation truckers would be able to assist you there as well. Available trucks can carry weights from 3 to 14 tons.

In addition, many trucking companies have warehouses where you can store your valuables if you need to store them, such as before moving overseas.

If you need your belongings to be transferred quickly, many trucking companies have this option. For an additional fee, you can request for high-speed delivery within the same day.

These are just some of the reasons why it's still best to hire a truck over other means of transport. Hopefully these tips will help you if you're due to move soon. Good luck, and happy moving!


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