How To Know Building Construction Types

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It does not take Herculean effort to familiarize yourself with building construction types, although implementing them is quite another thing. You don’t really have to be an expert in construction itself, but knowing the basics of building construction will aid you as you try to realize your dreams of constructing a really nice building, whether for personal or commercial reasons. Most buildings are used for commercial reasons, so optimizing floor area of your lot will help with obtaining maximum profit.

The various construction companies have their own niche in the construction industry. In house building, for instance, one company may fare better than the other. Commercial construction is also another specialty.  But in every construction project, building code standards are strictly adhered to. Knowing the building construction types that are best visualized and illustrated, the types being differentiated visually through pictures, may seem like a purely aesthetic thing, but it equates into many things like obtaining cost data, management, etc.

Here are the basic building construction types that you can check out. The building construction that you have in mind may actually be a mix or combination of one of two types. This classification is based on the geometric features of the building constructions. 

  1. Low-rise buildings. Low-rise buildings are the most common type of building construction type. It involves having 4 floors or less. The standards for this are less strict and in some countries, elevators and other relevant constructions are optional. Much focus is spent on maximizing space for low-rise buildings and it gives the advantage of closer linkage between different departments if it is to be used as an office space.
  2. High-rise buildings. High-rise buildings are also high-risk buildings. They are the ones which need utmost safety considerations. Fire exits, elevators and the like are also uniformly done and strategically placed. Construction takes longer than usual and given the hazards that are inherent to high-rise buildings, it’s also important to slowly build the foundations for maximum security.
  3. Regularly shaped buildings. Regularly shaped buildings are rectangular and are easy to maintain. Foundations are best with a regularly shaped building than with an irregular one.
  4. Irregularly shaped buildings. Non-polygon shapes fall under this category. Mostly done for artistic reasons, these types of buildings are not really practical for safety purposes. Special considerations and even a special permit may be needed to pull off a construction of this type.
  5. Long span buildings. Long span buildings are buildings that have longer width dimensions than the height. They have maximum coverage for foundations, but will need a huge floor area. Few people do this because the floor area is not really maximized especially with the emergence of high-rise buildings in urban places.

Aside from the building construction types classification enumerated here, buildings can be further classified according to their use and the materials used to form them. Finding the right building type for your needs is really a very rewarding thing, and a good investment for securing a safe and sturdy place for your business or personal affairs.


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