How To Ask a Roommate to Move Out

You may have been entertaining the idea of asking your roommate to leave due to various valid reasons but do not know how to proceed. It is really a difficult decision to make and you want the parting to be as amicable and as friendly as possible.

If a contract exists, then you need to seek legal advice before you can talk to your roommate. You need to find out your rights as well as your roommate’s rights to avoid legal consequences later. Then set out a plan of action. Here are some tips to accomplish that.

  1. Decide on a date when your roommate is free. He/she should be there to supervise the move. Your roommate should be present for a final room inspection. You also need to prepare a discharge or release paper. You may also have to give your roommate ample time to find another place to live so the date should be flexible. Keep it short though.
  2. Make a checklist of the things to be returned such as keys (the ones you gave and other duplicates), things that your roommate may have borrowed from you, unpaid rent and share in utility bills, refunds your roommate may be entitled to.
  3. Itemize the amount due to you or to your roommate. It is best if you have a record of all the payments made and what was owed and include this in the release paper. You have to give what is due your roommate on the day he/she moves out after the final room inspection and the keys have been returned.
  4. Set a time and place to meet with your roommate. State the reasons behind your decision in a calm and collected manner. State the facts. Point out the violations that have been committed, the number of times these have been committed and when and how you have issued reminders about these. These should be based on the terms written in your lease agreement. Tell your roommate about the date that you have set for him/her to move out, but be prepared as your roommate may ask for an alternate date.
  5. Be willing to listen to your roommate’s side of the story. But be firm in your decision. Be polite and friendly as you may still have to live with your roommate for several days before he/she can finally move out. Thank your roommate for the time spent living with you and wish them luck in finding new lodgings.
  6. On the day your roommate finally moves out, do a final room check to ensure that the room is in the same condition as before, that all belongings have been packed, the borrowed items have been returned and the keys handed over. Issue your discharge/release paper. This is a legal document that states the reasons for the termination of contract, the amount due and owed and the itemized list of all payments.

Be prepared to invest time and effort to make your decision to ask a roommate to leave as smooth and worry-free as possible. Safeguard your integrity and yourself from surprises later on by seeking professional advice and going through the proper channels.


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