How To Buy Prospective Leads for Real Estate

As any professional real estate agent will tell you, the most difficult aspect of being a successful real estate agent is generating new leads.  Since real estate agents are almost 100% paid on commissions, and most brokerage firms often do not supply customers, not being able to find new leads will be devastating to their careers.  Obtaining new leads is difficult and often requires investing or buying new leads, a process which can be quite confusing.  This article gives you steps and hints in how to buy prospective leads for real estate.
The first step in how to buy prospective leads for real estate is determine how much you can afford to spend to generate new leads.  Often times you will need to spend money upfront to benefit from sales which may not take place for months down the road.
The next step in how to buy prospective leads for real estate is to begin a marketing campaign.  Various real estate websites which are not affiliated with brokerage firms will allow local real estate agents to take out an ad on their website.  The benefit of taking out an add is that most of the visitors are already interested in buying or selling a home so your target customer base is going to automatically see your add.  Many of these websites will charge an upfront fee while others will charge a referral fee for any customers you receive through their website.  Other marketing plans such as placing a billboard ad can be effective, but isn’t guaranteed to be viewed by potential clients.

Another hint in how to buy prospective leads for real estate is to develop a network of other real estate professionals.  Within your network you should become acquaintances with local real estate mortgage broker and real estate attorneys.  Mortgage brokers or real estate attorneys will often deal with potential home buyers or sellers before they hire a real estate agent.  The mortgage brokers and attorney will be willing to provide you with these leads in exchange for the promise that you will give them a share of your commission.  The brokers and attorney may also be willing to exchange leads with you for free if you can provide them with additional business.
Another way in how to buy prospective leads for real estate is to form relationships with out of state real estate agents.  These out of state real estate agents will be able to refer you to prospective buyers who they know are moving and need to purchase a new home.  In exchange for their leads, out of state real estate agents will either accept an upfront fee of will want a percentage of your commission if you close a deal.


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By Cameron Rogers