How To Determine the Value of a Collectible Barbie Doll

For a collector, every Barbie doll in the collection has a corresponding personal value. Some are even intangible so that even if it costs little in the market, it may be priceless for you due to sentimental reasons.

If you are planning to sell some Barbie dolls from your collection, it is important to first know the value of each doll you have. Below are some guidelines on how you can check the value of your collectible Barbie dolls.

  • Examine the goods. To determine the actual cost of your Barbie doll, carefully examine the doll’s condition. Note all the wear and tear you see or if it has any damages. Each damage or deformity will decrease its value. Make sure you purchased the doll from a certified retailer. This will ensure authenticity of your Barbie doll. Note that there are replica dolls that will not add value to your collection.
  • Has your doll been removed from the box? If the Barbie doll has never been removed from its box (NRFB), then it will have a higher value that those that have been removed.
  • Restoration and alterations. Has your collectible Barbie doll ever been restored or altered? A few changes here and there may make your Barbie doll look better, but for fellow collectors, this will have a lower value.
  • Original clothes and accessories. A Barbie doll wearing its original outfit costs more when sold. This goes the same for accessories. If you can include the original accessory as part of the doll set, then this will greatly increase its amount.
  • How unique is your doll? If you are a true Barbie doll enthusiast, you will know that the date on the doll’s abdomen is not the year it has been manufactured; this is the date when the mold was made. There are certain batches of dolls that only few were made. Of course, these dolls cost more. Collector Edition Barbie dolls is made in quantities of 35,000 units. Limited Edition dolls are made in less than 35,000 units.
  • Research the value of Barbie dolls. Try to look for your exact same Barbie doll to check its value. There are other Barbie doll collector websites that offer information on your doll’s value. Compare your Barbie doll with the other collectors. If your doll is unique and only few hits are found, you may want to have your Barbie doll appraised. Look for an expert that you can trust to appraise your doll. Try to check more than one site to know the different costs of the dolls and gauge a common value.

Now that you have an idea how much your Barbie doll collection costs, you can gauge if the value is enough for you to sell them or if you would rather keep them for now. The older the Barbie doll is, the more expensive it is in the market especially if you know how to take care of it. Put the dolls and their accessories in proper storage to maintain their condition and avoid damages.


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