How To Determine Your Moving Options

Moving from your last place of residence to a new residence poses a problem with possessions.  If you were just moving yourself with no possessions or with few possession like a suitcase, your options would be far different from moving yourself and your household possessions. Your moving options for moving yourself with couches and beds are far different from just moving yourself.

That is the first step in determining your moving options.  What do you intend to move with you?  Are you going to take anything with you that can't fit into a suitcase?  Are you planning on driving yourself, or will you need assistance?  When you make a list by answering those questions, you will have narrowed your moving options to fit in with your own personal needs.

If you plan on moving yourself with just a suitcase or two, you might be planning on driving to your next home.  If you are not planning on taking your car with you, you might be thinking about taking a plane or a bus.  Your means of transportation when moving is very important, as it will limit what you can move with you.  Now, if you are planning on taking your car and your possessions in your move from one home to another, your options have increased.  You can rent a moving van or hire professional movers to help you to make your move.

If you rent a moving van, you will have to pack all of your possessions in the van by yourself or with friends or by paying someone to help you.  You will need to actually drive the van yourself, and you may have to tie your car behind the van, which may be illegal in some states.  You could make several trips in your move. You could move your possessions in your rental van to your new home and find some means of returning to your old home to pick up your car.  Another option, of course, is to have someone else drive your car while you drive your rental van and make the move easier.

The best option is to hire professional movers.  They are trained to safely package all of your household possessions and are insured in case they damage some object.  Your household property can be safely moved to your new home and set up wherever you instruct the movers to place them.  Using the option of professional movers will make moving less stressful and leave you free to enjoy your new home and your trip there.

Your moving options can be determined by some calm and thoughtful pre-planning.  If, after all, you decide that you do not want to move your household possessions, you also have the option of selling off your furniture and using the proceeds to buy new household goods when you move.


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