How To Earn a Full Time Living from eBay

This article will demonstrate the method of earning a full time living from eBay.  This is a goal that many seek to achieve but few actually succeed.  The methods to achieve this goal are outlined in the following paragraphs.

The most important concept is to find the right product to sell on eBay.  To earn a living that is equal to full time employment you must sell products that not only generate large amount of sales but also can be sold for a large enough profit margin. Several key points need to be considered when selecting products to sell on eBay.

  1. You will need a bankroll that will allow you to buy product in large quantities.  Most wholesale distributors give people who sell on eBay the best prices only when they purchase large amounts of their product.  You make more money from purchasing wisely than you do selling wisely.
  2. Consider all of the costs involved when evaluating the viability of selling a particular product.  eBay listing and selling fees, PayPal fees, packaging materials and postage costs all must be considered before buying a product to sell.
  3. Choose a product that does not require a large amount of time to package and ship. Sometimes products with a low margin that can be packed and shipped in seconds are better than products with a higher profit margin that require long periods of time to prepare for shipping.  You cannot earn a living on eBay if you are only making five dollar per hour or less.
  4. Advertising in the key to full time income potential on eBay.  Many eBay sellers list their products without any added features and sell in low quantities making a small but steady stream of income.  To earn full time income you need to take advantage of eBay's enhanced features.  Adding bold face type, highlighting, category featured and home page featured attachments to your listings will increase both your operating costs and revenue.  So long as your product is chosen correctly you want to show it to as many people as possible and maximize its exposure which will lead to the sales necessary to generate full time earning potential.
  5. Answer any questions promptly and provide excellent customer service.  Customer feedback on your eBay profile is essential to maximization of sales.

Earn a high eBay feedback rating and full time income levels will be achieved easier.


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