How To Evaluate Prospective Tenants for Your Rental Property

When you are doing the business of renting your property to tenants, of course you would want to ensure that the tenants will not give you a hard time such as destroying your property or vandalizing it. If you want to minimize these kinds of encounter with your tenants, then you have to do something before you allow the tenant to rent your place. There are different kinds of tenants, and if you want to make sure that your prospective tenant will not give you problems in the future, you should know how to evaluate your prospective tenants.

Here are some tips on how to evaluate prospective tenants for your rental property:

  1. Make a rental application form and ask the prospective tenants to fill it up. You should let every adult applicant to fill up the form. This is to ensure that they qualify for the renting of your property. The rental application form should include personal references as well as the current and past employment of the person. You may also include his rental history so that you will have reference as to how he treated his last rented place.
  2. Review the filled up application form in front of the prospective tenant so as to double check what he wrote. It might also clear up the vague answers if there are and the prospective tenant may also be given the chance to clarify and justify his answers.
  3. Interview. You should ask the prospective tenant about his plans if he rents the place. Ask how long he plans to stay, why he plans to rent the place, why he wants to leave his previous place, and how many will be living with him.
  4. You should limit the tenants to only what can be accommodated in your rental property. If you allow more tenants than what is only limited, your place will easily be overused and you will have to repair it sooner than its original life span. Children are a different matter. If your prospective tenants have children, you should decide if you will allow tenants with children especially if your rental property is fully furnished. Sometimes children tend to break things unintentionally. If you allow it, you should make sure the tenants understand and comply with your terms and conditions.
  5. Do a background check. Since you have asked your prospective tenants to include their personal references, you can use that list to do your background check. You can also ask their previous landlords about what kind of tenants they are and if they lived harmoniously with their neighbors. It is important that your prospective tenants are able to co-exist with their neighbors so that there will be minimal problems in the future. It is also important to check with their previous landlord if they paid on time and if they are trustworthy.

In selecting your prospective tenants, you should consider how qualified they are based on your application form and background checks, and you should decide in a nondiscriminatory manner so that you will be able to select well.


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