How To File a Quit Claim Deed

You file a quick claim deed because you would like to give up a right, title or interest over a property that you have or would probably have in the future so that you can transfer your right to another person.  If you transfer your right, you are called a grantor.  The person whom you entitle the right to is called a grantee.  Quit claim deeds are most commonly filed because you want to give the right as a gift, you want to transfer your property to a family member, you would like to place your property into a business establishment, or simply if you are having some doubts about the title of the property.  Here is how you do it.

Know what you need to know.  You need to research on local laws regarding quit claim deeds.  Information about this is available in books and in the Internet.  If you feel like you need someone to tell you first hand, then you can approach a lawyer.

You have some paperwork to do.  You need to get a quit claim deed form and fill it out.  You can either buy one at bookstores or you can also download the file from the Internet (for example:  You need to fill out all the necessary information.  You need to make sure that all the information you have entered are correct and you should also make sure that there aren't any typographical errors, spelling errors or factual errors.  Your form will be invalidated if such errors are found in your document.

Contact the county department.  This department deals with all the information related to real properties in a county.  You should obtain the papers that would explain the legality of your property.  This may not be the same for some states, as long as your papers contain details of the property.

Sign the form.  You should take note that when you do sign the form, there must be a legal representative present.  All of the grantors should be present before the legal representative if you are not the only grantor.  If you are a little low in finances you shouldn't really worry because nowadays there are some banks that offer cheaper legal services for relatively simple matters like transferring titles.

File the quit claim deed.  This is the final step.  After the previous steps, you can now file you quit claim deed with the county.  The recording of this document is charged with a minimal fee.  Once the deed is signed, it is final and the transfer is also final.

Once you've signed the quit claim deed, you now have relinquished your right over the property.  The problem is, sometimes you want to get your property back.  You can only have it back if the grantee would quit the claim.  Otherwise, you would have to hire a lawyer so that you can file a lawsuit. Remember that this involves transferring your properties to another person or entity, so use this legal instrument with care.


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