How To Find a Mortgage Calculator Online

Don’t you just love the Internet? There are so many free tools and useful bits of information available that now solving problems and finding answers are all just a matter of knowing which website could best help you out.

One of the tools available online would be the different types of calculators. Some of these calculators include scientific calculators, math calculators, graphing calculators, fraction calculators and many more. Yet another type of calculator you can possibly find some use for are the mortgage calculators, which are widely available for free on different websites. Here are some websites that you could check out if you are particularly interested in looking for a mortgage calculator:

  1. This is a very useful website if you are interested in learning more about mortgage and other related financial matters. Once you get to the website, you would see the list of options on mortgage calculators that you could use; some of these include simple mortgage calculators, and other calculators that would help you determine factors such as whether it’s best for you to buy or to rent, how much you can afford and how much loan you could take out.
  2. Here is another highly useful website where you could learn more about topics such as mortgages, home equity, auto loans, credit cards and bad credit. It also has a wide assortment of mortgage calculators; you could probably find one that would specifically answer your question. Some of the available calculators aim to help you determine how much home you can afford; whether to take out a 15 or 30 year loan; whether you should consolidate your auto loan and credit card debt into a new mortgage; how much monthly payments you’ll be making on your home mortgage; the income you’d need to be making in order to afford the particular home you’d like; and many more.
  3. This site offers an easy-to-use and basic mortgage calculator to compare your different mortgage options. Some information you’d need to input include your total home purchase price, your down payment, as well as the loan details (that is, the payment terms in years as well as the interest rates) for up to three mortgage options.
  4. Another very easy-to-use calculator; you’d just need to fill out information such as the home value, loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and property tax (among others), and you’d be able to see a visual representation (through a pie chart) of how much percentage of your amortizations would be composed of the principal, how much on interest, and how much on taxes. 
  5. Apart from the other basic mortgage calculators that other websites offer, you could find other useful calculators here such as those that would help you compute for a missing loan term (which can be one of the following: principal, interest rate, number of payments remaining, and monthly payment). So if you’re not sure for example how much monthly payment you’re still going to make, then enter the values of the remaining 3 loan terms.

There you have it! These websites would definitely help you out with whatever mortgage questions you’re currently facing. If you find some of the terms you might encounter to be confusing (such as principles on exponents, or compounded interest?) try looking for algebra online guides to help you review the meanings and the principles at work behind these terms. Good luck!


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