How To Find Apartment Rentals in Vancouver

So, you alone or the whole family just recently decided to move to Vancouver? You have just landed on the right place because this city ranks high on various lists (such as Forbes and The Economist) according to the quality of living, value on the real estate market, cleanliness and expensiveness. Follow these recommendations below in finding apartment rentals in this astonishing city.

Things to consider

  1. If you are living independently, rent a room. Usually, you share amenities with a roommate or two. If the whole family is moving in, search for a house that can accommodate everyone. Think about how many bedrooms and toilets you need.
  2. The proximity to schools and universities, churches, bars and restaurants, mall, beaches, tourist spots or any other commercial area also affects the cost of the rental. The nearer it is to those areas, the higher the monthly rental will be.
  3. The cost of rental largely affects your decision to rent. Of course, the larger the apartment, the more costly is the monthly rental.
  4. Some downtown rentals do not allow pets at home. So, try to search for apartments that accommodate cats or dogs if you are a pet-lover.

How to find

1.      Buy newspaper and read the apartment classifieds. This is the usual and traditional way. However, classifieds are too short lacking relevant information, at times. It would be tiring to call every name number of the owner just to inquire. Also, you will not be able get an idea on what the inside of the house looks.

2.      Explore the Internet then you can find apartments quickly and easily. Here are some of the websites you may want to visit:

  • - These two websites provide free viewing of apartment listings with complete information plus a picture of the property rental. You can also post here your need for an apartment and they are going to notify you through e-mail when an apartment rental vacancy meeting your criteria becomes available.
  • This site has a degree of similarity to the two first mentioned website above. A unique feature of this website is that it provides a top view map of the apartment that you can see the prominent places around the area.

3.      If you really want to familiarize yourself in the places in Vancouver, visit a neighborhood and walk around the place while searching for a place to stay at. You are essentially hitting two birds with one stone in this way. Ask the people around if they know an apartment for lease nearby their own home. Plus, they can also tell you important directions as to where to go to prominent places in their area.

In the meantime, just be patient enough and you will be able to find apartment rentals or rather a home that suits you or your family best. Sooner or later, you will be living in the city of culture and the arts, of beaches and mountains, of sports and recreation.


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