How To Find Apartments in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great place. A great community, and one of the largest film-production cities, with a diverse crowd of people, not to mention the active nightlife, Vancouver has everything you’ll need and want in a city. Moving, not just in Vancouver, can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a fixed house to move in to. However, such things are normally unforeseen, like a job offer or a new relationship. This being said, you can’t probably just go about affording a house suddenly and will have to make do with a rented apartment for now. Apartment hunting in any new city can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the area, or, like most cases, you only know it by what you see on the television. Here’s a guide you to find apartments in Vancouver.

  1. Listings. Online or offline, there are a lot of property rentals on apartment classifieds and just classifieds in general. Visit Craigslist or get local newspapers and magazines to help you in your quest. The search and finder guide on Craigslist helps you narrow it down too. All in all, looking at listings are the best way to start your quest.
  2. Check it. If you find a prospective apartment, go check it out. Ask for details about the house and the history. Since Vancouver is a coastal town, ask for any plumbing problems. Does it get flooded during the rainy season? Are there bus lines nearby? Is the area dangerous at night? Noisy neighbors, cats, and Vancouver’s trademarked winos are some of the things that people don’t seem to list on the classifieds. Ask for these and see if they’re really up to the bill.
  3. Location. The old saying “Location, Location, Location.” applies to Vancouver as well. There are a lot of neighborhoods in Vancouver, from Gastown, the oldest, to Chinatown and the Drive. These places have their own neighborhoods and pros and cons. For example, if you’re looking at an apartment in Gastown, be advised that the place has a lot of drunks and winos, being near the nightlife of the city. Richmond and Chinatown are places with a lot of Asians, mostly Chinese. Steveston on the other hand, is near the waterfront, a great place for a sea view, but not a great place for the smell, if you’re allergic to it. However, it’s been scientifically proven that the sea air is good for asthmatics. So if you have that, it may be good to check out apartments in or near Steveston. Yaletown too is now home to a lot of apartments. There are high-end, low-end, and mid-end apartments for you to choose from in the area and there are always openings in one of the neighborhood's many buildings.
  4. Prices. The normal cost for apartment rentals in Vancouver are around $950. Although in the west side and downtown rentals area, this rises to about $1,100 to $1,200 at an average. This does not, however, include city  With the minimum wage of Vancouver at $8 per hour, it would be best to get a place in the cheaper areas of Burnaby or East Vancouver.


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