How To Find Cheap Backhoe Parts

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Backhoes are heavy equipment used extensively in construction and excavation. They are used to dig up soil and haul materials using the bucket-like tool positioned at the rear end of the machine, and the loader at the front. To work a backhoe, an operator stays seated on the machine and manipulates the different sets of handles and controls. Backhoes use hydraulic pressure technology, which enables it to cut through hard soil simply by operating levers found within the machine.

What's amazing is how such a wonderful innovation is made available commercially, and at affordable rates, at that. If you yourself are interested in finding cheap backhoe parts, know that there are many avenues in which you can start your search.

The first and easiest place you could start looking for backhoe parts would be the Internet. What are some of the websites you could check out? You could start first with trading sites such as, which offers new and previously-owned parts, as well as backhoes itself. Prices on actual backhoes range from $6,500 to $15,000. Be guided by the descriptions on the machines that the owners themselves wrote. Another similar website is (most of the items found here are backhoe toys, though there are some cheap parts such as a replacement backhoe bucket for Kubota B26).

After trying out the common trading websites, you could go visit sites that specialize in trading heavy equipment and machinery (such as used farm tractors, etc). One such website is You would be able to find different brands of backhoes here, such as John Deere excavators, Kubota backhoes and Cat used farm tractor loader. There are also different types such as a mini backhoe (currently selling for $4,000) as well as attachments and backhoe extenders. An advantage to visiting websites such as these is that you could easily compare the prices on the different available types and models, and these prices are cheap, too. Other sites you could visit include, with an extensive offering of backhoes and backhoe parts of different brands: its prices are in pounds.

A prime resource for new, refurbished and used machinery parts is Shop by parts, such as hydraulic cylinders (further categorized into the following: stabilizer cylinders, boom cylinders and bucket cylinders, among others), buckets and bucket parts and loader parts. Be guided by the specifications listed, such as the used farm tractor and backhoe models that are appropriate for the parts; the weight of the specific part; and the selling price. This is really a comprehensive site that you will find useful. If you weren't able to find the particular part you are looking for, you could go to the parts request form page at this site.

Yet another way to go about your search would be to visit websites, which exclusively sell the specific brand of your backhoe. This would ensure that the part you are buying are indeed appropriate for your machine. If your backhoe is a John Deere, for example, go to Other websites include (for JCB tractors), and (for Cat Skid Steer Loaders).

If you just want to know more about backhoes and backhoe parts (such as tips on how to choose the right backhoe parts), try out for very helpful articles.


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