How To Find Home Improvement Grants for the Elderly

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Since senior citizens are not able to work anymore to make money for home repairs, they are entitled to receive grants for home improvement repairs. All you have to do is to find those companies or individuals that give priority to the elderly to assist them financially on the basis of keeping their home in good condition. Here are ways to find home improvement grants for the elderly:

  1. Find an organization that is located locally or is near in your area so it would be easier for the organization to pay the elderly a visit and assess his needs for home improvement. Some organizations need to have a personal ocular inspection to check the list for repairs. It is easier for them to give an assessment if the elderly’s home is within the vicinity of the organization’s headquarters. In finding an organization, look into its  funding profile and specifically find “senior citizens” or “elderly” in their funding priorities.
  2. Study the requirements needed for the application. Take note of deadlines and proposal submission processes. You should list down the contact information and who to correspond with. You should know who to contact in case you have questions that needed immediate answers or actions.
  3. Browse the Internet for some organizations that have provisions on funding elderly home improvements. There are specific companies that allow this but be careful to read all the terms in their funding contract or if you got incomplete requirements, your home improvement funding request might be denied and there are some scams that will give you the information you need in exchange for some money. Always remember that you are not supposed to pay anything for a grant.
  4. Check your local government websites for the listing of local companies that fund these special cases. There are cases that you need grants for accessibility. You can apply for these since your elderly persons would need these improvements in their house.
  5. There are alternative ways to seek out funding for your elderly’s home improvement funding. You can seek the financial help of non-traditional funding like contacting your church, local clubs or organizations and hospitals. You can raise funds to help out. Ask your local church if they can help in finding donors or raise fund for the elderly neighbors. It would be helpful if everyone on the community pitches in a small amount. Every small amount will lead to bigger funds and it can be helpful for funding the repairs.

Helping out your elderly will not only give them the home improvement they need but they will be thankful for your help. Always remember that if you do not succeed the first time, you can always try again to get the funding your elderly needs. Be sure to have a copy of the estimated cost to have an idea on how much funding the home of the elderly needs. You can then request for the same amount or mark it up at 15% contingency to safe guard any extra repairs not included in the estimated cost.


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