How To Find Self-Service Moving Options

If you are faced with an upcoming move to a new location, but your budget is strained to hire a full-service moving company, finding self-service moving options just may be the answer to your dilemma.

On the high end of moving all your furnishings and belongings is the full service moving company that provides boxes, packs up everything, loads it onto the moving van, drives it to your new location, and unloads and unpacks everything.  But full service moving can get pretty expensive. On the low end of the range is the do it yourself move in which you find sources for boxes, pack up everything yourself, rent a moving van or truck, load it up with your belongings, and drive the truck yourself to your new destination before unloading and unpacking everything and returning the vehicle to a nearby deposit station. You save money, but it's pretty exhausting.

Self-service moving options present a middle-ground that saves you money while not requiring you to do all the work.  Self-service moving companies provide you with two options: a commercial trailer which you load with your belongings to be driven to your new destination, or a special container that is deposited at your residence for you to load with all your belongings to be picked up later for transport to your new address.

With self-service moving, you are still responsible for packing up all your belongings and carrying numerous boxes and furnishings onto the truck or placing them into the transport container.  But you don't have the headache of transporting all your stuff to the new destination.  This part of the journey is handled by a professional licensed driver with access to a commercial vehicle designed for moving heavy furniture and other items in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

If you have never driven a truck or commercial vehicle, especially over long distances,  it is a job best left to professional drivers, a key reason self-service moving is so attractive to many people.  You save the cost and expense of workers packing up all your belongings, and pay only for the professional transport of your boxed and packaged items.

Rates for self-service moving are usually based on the amount of square feet your belongings take up in a commercial vehicle or the number of shipping containers devoted for your exclusive use.

Look in the yellow page directory under moving companies and those that advertise a self-service option or check on the Internet for self-service movers.

As with any move, it's important to ascertain that the company is fully licensed and insured, to have a written contract spelling out what the both of you are each responsible for, a delivery window so you know when your items must be ready to ship and when they will arrive at the new destination, and to get quotes from at least three self-service moving companies for a good rate comparison.



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