How To Get a Land Insurance Quote

5 Things You Will Need to Get Insurance Quotes for Land

It's not the most common thing that people need to insure and consequently it can be a daunting process getting a land insurance quote as you might not know what to do. Whether you are a resident's association, private road owner or just a general land owner of a field, then have the following 5 things ready and you will be able to get a quote:

Step 1

Land. Sounds obvious, but what type of land is being insured? Most common is a field but you might want to insure a private road or just a general piece of land. In some cases it might not even be land precisely -- for example, maybe you have a lake, pond, river, or even a stream that needs cover. You may say that these aren't land as such but they all fall into the land insurance category.

Step 2

Location. Where is the land located? Generally the post code will be sufficient.

Step 3

Use. What is the land used for? A field may be used for growing crops or grazing; a lake may be used for fishing or water sports. Compile a list of all its uses so that you will be correctly covered.

Step 4

Size. What size is your land? Simple measurements of the land will help the insurer. If there are houses on the road, you may also need to know how many.

Step 5

Cover. What cover is required? The most common is public liability insurance and will probably be included in standard but you can also have employers liability, directors and officers indemnity, legal expenses cover and material damage to estate property.

The above information will answer most queries from the insurance company. It is always best to have any other relevant information to hand such as your claim history and further details on the land you are insuring that may affect the quotation.

If you decide to shop around, don't necessarily go for the cheapest quote. You will want to compare cover and ensure you are getting the best deal for your money. Most people will just want to check that public liability insurance is included, which is fine, but in some cases you might want to take out some of the additional cover to give you that extra peace of mind.

Whomever you chose to provide your land insurance, check their terms and conditions before taking out cover and ensure they are registered with the Financial Services Authority.

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