How To Get a Landlord to Respect Your Privacy

Getting your landlord to respect your privacy can be hard if you never defined boundaries with this person in the first place.  Most landlords that are renting to tenants in a professional capacity will not infringe on your privacy.  But if you’re renting from—for lack of a better term—mom and pop landlords, they may try and treat you like one of their adult children or best friends from college.  This may not be what you were interested in when you were looking for a living situation.

One of the main things you shouldn’t do when you’re looking for an apartment, is be desperate.  When you’re desperate you do foolish things like act like you want to be your landlord’s best friend when in reality, you really do not.  You just really want an apartment, or to rent their garage or upstairs room.

If you know this about your personality already, the best thing to do is not to act fake or phony when you come across a landlord that you feel is the personable type.  If he starts talking about grilling together and drinking beers, then you know that your landlord will not leave you alone.  You need to try not to get into a situation like this in the first place if you know that socializing with this person after a long day at the office is not what you want to do.

If you didn’t take this precaution before getting into your apartment or room, you have created a delicate situation for yourself.  This is because it’s almost impossible to avoid an awkward situation when it comes to things like this.  The first thing you can do is just try to spend a week somewhere else.  Do this a week before it’s time to pay your rent.  Drop your rent off but make sure it’s a time when your landlord isn’t around.  Then stay gone for another week.  When you return, come home but be as busy as possible.  Your landlord might hopefully come to the friendly conclusion that you’re busy, but a nice person all the same.

If this doesn’t work, you will have to ignore your landlord when he or she comes to see you, and screen your calls.  Just because your landlord is knocking at your door doesn’t mean you have to answer.  Unannounced visits are rude, no matter who it is.  Your landlord can call and leave a voice message or leave you a note.  Try to take care of everything from a distance like that from now on, and if you do have any major social events at your place try to remember it’s going to make your landlord jealous, and if you invite him he’s going to start pestering you again after that.

So just keep the parties as low key as possible or just away from the house if you can, and keep your landlord at a distance all the time.  Even if you happen to feel friendly sometimes, resist the urge.  Keep things the same, because one friendly word one day may bring a random beer pop-over, or an invitation for you and your girlfriend he’s never met to have dinner the next night.


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