How To Get Chase Bank Foreclosure Help

The recent recession brought about millions of families in dire need of financial help to save their homes.  It is truly an unfortunate event and if you are a Chase mortgage account holder who is at your wit’s end trying to salvage your humble abode, don’t lose hope. There just might be a way to keep your home.

  • Know your options.  Most people in brinks of foreclosure have notions that banks are the enemies and so they avoid them as much as they can.  This is not true.  Your bank will always want to work with you.  When you start experiencing difficulties in keeping your mortgage current, the first thing to do is check out their website at to get an idea on the types of programs Chase has to help you out.  By visiting the site, you’ll be able to read about different options Chase has provided so you have a choice to either keep your home or not. 
    For home retention options, there are plenty of programs to choose from:  Home Affordable Refinance, Home Affordable and Chase Loan Modifications, Repayment Plan and Partial Claims, but that is if you are on FHA Loans.  The website also has an eligibility test that you can take so you can know right away if you are qualified to take advantage of a program. 
    However, if you decide that not keeping your home or property is a better option for you, Chase has also developed programs like Pre-Foreclosure “Short” Sale and Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure to be of assistance to you.   In both cases, it is extremely important to understand your options and get first-hand information about them that way when you give Chase customer service a call, you are well-informed enough to save time as you discuss your foreclosure-related issues with them.  
  • Call Customer Service.  Since you have already chosen a program to take part in, it is now time to give Chase a call through their customer service hotline at 866-550-5705.  Be mindful of their business hours and it is best to have your loan information ready to prevent wasting time.  You should also know your monthly pre-tax income and expect that you will be asked why you are having a difficulty paying your loan.  Be very patient.  Do not lose temper at the customer service adviser that you are talking to.  Remember that you are asking for assistance and being nice will work to your advantage.  Learn as much information as you can.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Chase advisers are well-trained professionals who are there to serve you.  At the end of the conversation, ask for your agent’s name and contact number for record-keeping.
  • Chase Homeownership Centers.  Chase Homeownership Centers are centers Chase has built all over the country to give assistance to its struggling clients.  Once the agent gives you a clear view on what program is right for you, you can go to a center near you to get the process started.  Most often than not, the agent will try to fix things for you during the phone call but to be on the safe side, visit the center as well.  That way, you get to talk to a Chase loans adviser who will personally handle your case.

Swimming in debt is never an easy thing.  It’s sad that most people are in this bind right now but that should not always be the case.  Don’t be afraid to seek help.  With immediate action and a little faith in your bank, who knows?  You just might be able to get your life back.


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