How To Hire a Discount Real Estate Agent

Selling your house isn’t an easy thing to do, you have to know the fair market value of your home, take into consideration the kind of zoning laws that could affect the worth of the place, and then there’s the kind of neighborhood you belong to that could likewise affect the selling price of your home on the market.

For all of these, you need a real estate agent, but these professionals don’t come cheap. In addition to the commission they’ll earn from the sale of your house, they will also cost an arm and a leg to appraise and value your home.

But if you still want to have a real estate agent appraise and put your house on the market and can’t afford a high priced one, you may opt for a discount real estate agent.

To find a reasonably priced real estate agent, try the tips below:

  • Interview. Talk to a few brokers or agents and figure out their success when it comes to buying and selling homes in the area. Try to be as specific as you can with your questions because these people may have other things to do other than to sit around and answer your questions. Try to find out their success rate during the past year to get a picture on how they can help you sell your home. Talk to a few so that you can compare and contrast the rates they charge and the services they’ll provide.
  • Reference, please. Try to ask for references as well. The best gauge for a person’s skill and abilities are those who have worked with them previously.
  • License. Some states require real estates agents to have a license. Even if you’re using a discount real estate agent, they should be licensed by the state to buy and sell property.
  • Get what you pay for. Discount real estate agents often do not offer the full services of a regular real estate agent. Be direct in asking the people you’re talking to as to which services they will limit themselves to.
  • Multiple Listing Service. You have to option of not using the MLS but this limits the number of people who will learn about the house you’re selling. A lot of the discount real estate agents will tell you that they can sell your home without using the MLS but the real importance of the MLS is that it exposes your home to the buying market. Look over your discount real estate agent’s marketing plan and make sure that it includes a listing in the MLS.
  • Patience. Let’s face it. If you’re going with a discount real estate agent, you won’t get priority treatment. Odds are your home will be at the middle lower of any list out there and won’t be prioritized over clients who aren’t using discount real estate agents.

Selling your home in this economy won’t be an easy task. Getting a discount real estate agent will help improve your odds so make sure that you’re getting the best one out there right now.


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