How To Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Relocation is a very serious decision, be it moving on your own or with your family. It will demand a great deal of time and effort finding the right place and packing all your belongings. As this can be a stressful time, it is important that you hire a reliable moving company that you can trust to do their job right.

Here are some tips on how you can hire a reliable moving company to help you relocate:

Ask people you know and trust. You can start asking your family and friends if they have relocated before and if they can refer someone. Inquire if they would again use the same company if they would need help from a mover in the future. Also good to know there are movers that they definitely would not recommend due to a bad experience.

Check out the website of the Chamber of Commerce. If you have Internet connection, visit the website of the  Chamber of Commerce to get the list of moving company members.

Company size does not matter. National companies do not equate to better service than privately owned or smaller companies. Look at their portfolio carefully before deciding.

Do background check via the BBB or Better Business Bureau. Give the BBB a call to inquire if there are complaints against a mover or any of their agents. Note that only corporate accounts will be listed in this checking.

Call and ask for references.
If you have managed to list a couple of movers already, you might want to give them a call and ask for references. This is also the chance to ask for their rates. It is advisable to ask the following questions beforehand, too:
  • In case something breaks, what is the process for repair or replacement?
  • How long will the move take and what will happen if there will be delays?
  • What are the usual causes a delay (if any) in the movers arriving on move day?
  • How can we avoid the delay problem or at least minimize it from happening?
  • Can the movers do the packing? How much additional cost for this service?

Remember to be very honest with the details of what you want and need from them so they can give more specific answers and quotation.

Ask for an estimate. When you have a shortlist of possible movers, ask if they can send out a representative to your house to provide an accurate assessment of the cost to move. After they provide their estimate, ask if the price that they are offering is guaranteed. Different movers may charge differently by providing a binding, a non-binding, or the not-to-exceed estimates.

Be cautious of movers that guarantees a price to you but has never come out to inventory your things that will be moved.

From your end, make sure your inventory is complete and accurate. Any additional item that is not accounted for initially in the inventory will cost time from the mover’s side. If this happens, do not expect for things to go as smoothly.


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