How To Improve the Front Entrance to Help Sell a Home

The first thing that potential home buyers will see is the front entrance of the house.  It can either leave a positive or a negative impression in their minds.  An uninteresting or worse yet, a miserable looking front entrance gives buyers the notion that the inside of the house has the same vibe.  Improving your home’s front entrance is the best way to attract potential buyers into your home.

Below are some improvements you can do to improve your home’s front entrance.

  • Tidy up.  Having a clean front entrance and driveway will surely give the right impression. Bring out your favorite cleaning supplies and scrub your driveway. Clean the main door, storm door and windows. The screens should be clean and dirt free. Wipe and shine any door and window fixtures including the door knobs, locks and knockers. Wipe down the porch lights and the mailbox. Leave no clutter lying around.
  • Spruce up your front yard.  Trim the grass, hedges and bushes. Remove weeds, dried leaves and stems. Make sure the plants in and around your yard and front entrance are nice and healthy. If you have the time and the money, plant flowering plants to add a splash of natural color to the front of your home.
  • Repaint.  A coat of paint will do wonders to your shabby front door. A wooden should be lightly sanded before applying a fresh coat of paint. Metal doors may require a different approach. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on painting your metal door. Don’t forget to paint other fixtures that are faded or chipped.  
  • Change door knobs, handles and other fixtures.  Some metal knobs, handles, locks and knockers tarnish over time. If you can’t make them shine like new, consider replacing them instead. Make an investment on good quality metal handles and locks. If you still don’t have one, adding a deadbolt is a good idea because for home buyers, safety is always an issue.
  • Improve the porch and the steps.  Consider replacing old, weathered wood with new ones.  Repaint the porch to give it a fresh look. Replace any warped wooden steps and railings. Hang plants along the porch roof or line the steps leading to the front door with blooming plants. Plants instantly add warmth and beauty to any front entrance. Make sure the pots are clean and new.
  • Invest in porch furniture.  Adding a small table with a decorative chair will make your front entrance look warm and inviting. A porch swing or a rocking chair is also a good idea. If you already have existing porch furniture, make sure it gets a makeover with new paint or new upholstery. Don’t forget to add a welcome mat right in front of your door.
  • Install additional lighting.  If your porch light consists of only a light bulb and nothing else, consider installing a light encased in clear glass. New light fixtures will give potential buyers the impression that your home is in tip-top condition. In choosing the design for your new light fixtures, make sure these complement the style of your front entrance.

Improving your front entrance need not be an expensive undertaking. Start small and within your budget. Cleaning your main door, porch, yard and driveway is one way to spruce up the front entrance to your home. With a little effort and creativity, you can make your home’s front entrance interesting and inviting to potential home buyers.


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