How To Insure and Mail Bullion

Since the beginning of time when trading between individuals and countries began, gold bullion has always been a part of it.  Apart from the exchange of food, spices, textiles, precious stones and other metals, its value never changes. Then and now, it is still regarded as a very precious metal.

Many have spent an overwhelming amount of their time in finding gold. Individuals have invested blood and sweat for it. Hopeful investors have provided extravagant amounst of money to obtain more gold and sadly, even innocent individuals have died because of issues that still concern the same thing—gold. This fact served as a living proof as to how important gold is in our lives.

On the lighter side, owning gold bullion is said to be the safest way to own gold. The value of it is with its precious metal content.  It comes in two main forms, gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins. The London Gold delivery bullion is the cheapest form of gold to deal and own. Once it’s sold, it can give back as much as thrice the amount invested for it when it’s bought.

Obtaining gold bullion is quite a good investment to consider then. Places like New York, London and Zurich are known for gold bullion spot trading. So if you’re one of those interested to deal in this kind of investment you can take a peek on one of these places then.

For those who already own gold bullion and are planning to sell it, one good way if you can’t meet in person is to mail it. A lot of companies dealing in gold buying offer a special mailing envelope. Coordinate first with any of these contacts and get their assurance that mailing the gold bullion is safe in your area. Doing this the right way will ensure that you can keep track of your valuable package.

Using a priority mail envelope or shipping box is a good choice to consider if your contact doesn’t have his own special mailing envelope. Here are some reminders on how to insure and mail bullion:

  • Get the shipping box or priority mail envelope from your nearest post office. You can also request it online from the Postal Service. This depends in your area. Contact your local postal service for options and other advice.
  • Get insurance for your package. Get gold's weight and its present spot price. Remember to request Signature Confirmation of Delivery to ensure that your contact is the one receiving it and not anyone else.
  • Consider printing your own label. Pay for the postage online using your credit card instead of paying in person. This will save you money and time.
  • Decide for the pick-up option. The common option is by normal mail.
  • Watch closely for the delivery time. It takes 3 days or less for priority mail in domestic delivery and a maximum of 5 to 7 days for International delivery.

Monitor and coordinate with your contact to ensure that your gold bullion has been delivered in safe hands.


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