How To Invest in a Supercuts Franchise

Investing in a franchise has many advantages. One of them is the benefit of a tested system that was formulated by the original owners. With the initial success of the first few branches, the other ones that follow have a larger potential to succeed in the business as well. One popular business franchise is a beauty parlor called Supercuts. Supercuts is a hair salon established by Geoffrey Rappaport and Frank Emmett in 1975. Its first store was located in Albany, California. The said salon caters to both high-fashion hairstyles and barbershop styles. They popularized a haircutting technique that takes only 20 minutes to finish. In 1979, Rappaport and Emmett entered the franchising business and soon enough, the Supercuts stores spread all over the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom.

Here are some tips that you can follow as you invest in a Supercuts franchise:

  • Nothing beats the power of preparation through information. Start by visiting the official website of Supercuts. All the information that a prospect franchisee should know is there. Navigate the website carefully so you won't miss out any important detail. Click on the tab labeled “Become a Franchisee”. The link containing all the relevant information about franchising a Supercuts branch is found there including the requirements and the amounts needed for the franchise.
  • Start thinking about the location. In the Supercuts website, all the locations of their stores are displayed. This can help you to decide where to establish your franchise. It is advisable to choose a location where you are the only franchisee of Supercuts.
  • In choosing a location, you should also consider the traffic of customers. Most hair salons are located in malls where other popular stores are set up around them. Also, consider spacious parking for your customers.
  • As you browse the requirements, think it through. You have to be sure that you are a good fit as a franchisee to avoid problems with the Supercuts managers later on. If you have thought about it well and would want to push through with the franchise, you can now start filling out the online application on their website. Check the information as you fill out the form then submit.
  • Your application will still be processed and it might take a while before you receive a call from the management of Supercuts. While waiting, you can do more research about the company and the hair salon business to further equip yourself with knowledge as you embark on this industry.
  • When you eventually receive a call from the Supercuts, do not hesitate to ask questions regarding the business and the other arrangements. As an investor, it is both a must and a right for you to know the necessary details before you shell out money for the franchise.

Being a franchisee is not easy. Just because everything is laid out for you, it doesn’t mean that you will have less work input. Just like in any other business, you will have to put in more effort and hard work to make it a success.


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