How To Make a Home Attractive to Potential Buyers

You’ve decided to sell-off a home you own or you’re being forced to sell because of the current economic climate… and your only thought will be how to get the maximum price from the sale! One of the best ways to up the sale price is to make the property look attractive; it’s akin to putting on make-up to look like you haven’t got any on! Here are some ways to make a home look attractive to potential buyers and get the price you want!

Hook a buyer with the first look…
The first thing potential buyers notice is the front of your house, i.e. the area from the curb to the front-door. Of course, if it is an apartment or unit in a multi-unit building that you’re selling, then it is the view from the threshold when you open the door to a potential buyer that will make the first impression.

Irrespective of the type of property, aim to make that first impression a lasting image which the buyer will remember, long after the viewing is over, by doing the following:

  • Clean up the house exterior and yard area (where applicable) thoroughly. Remove unnecessary debris piled up, trim the yard, sweep away leaves, remove the weeds and fix all landscaping ‘eyesores’.
  • Wash and clean the walls, windows, doors (front and back), the roof or any other structure or surface around the house.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint to make the house look bright and attractive from the outside.

A couple of simple exercises to get a complete idea of the efforts you have to make to ready the house for sale: (a) take lots of pictures of the full exteriors, from different angles and distances and review them with an objective eye; (b) visit your house as if you were a potential buyer and look for faults or problems which are overtly visible as well as those which you may have never seen because you’re so used to them; if you feel you cannot be objective, get a colleague or friend to do the walk-through for you.

The inside story…
Use the same logic an approach as you did with the exteriors; dust, clean, sweep and mop the entire interiors thoroughly. Work room by room and take your time, areas where you must pay the most attention are the kitchen and bathrooms, potential buyers always make a beeline to view these two areas first.

Pay careful attention to the walls, ceilings and floors within the interiors of your home. Look for cracks, peeling wallpaper, dampness or water seepage and get them repaired or cleared. If you can afford it, apply new paint or put up new wallpaper.

Clean and polish all woodwork (cabinets, closets, drawers, etc), fixtures such as fans and lights, appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, AC unit and other household equipment which you’ll be selling with the house. Make sure appliances, heating and ventilation systems are serviced and are in good working order.

Most people tend to make superficial or cosmetic repairs or cover up cracks or structural damage in ingenious ways, to cut corners or save money. My advice to you would be to be upfront and honest with potential buyers and if you are making any efforts to present your house in an attractive manner, go all the way and complete all repairs and maintenance, to project added value. Follow the guidelines mentioned in this article and you will have an attractive home to sell and get the best-possible deal.


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